Rosie’s #Bookreview Of #ChildrensFiction Lady Lucy’s Ghost Quest by Karen Goss

Lady Lucy's Ghost QuestLady Lucy’s Ghost Quest by Karen Gross

3 stars

Lady Lucy’s Ghost Quest is a children’s story recommended for ages between five and twelve years old.

Lady Lucy lives in a fictional English setting as a knight. Together with a dragon and a unicorn she goes to Vermont to save a haunted mansion from ruin.

This is part of a series of children’s books written around Lady Lucy and this story is also a dedication to the home of the Southern Vermont College which was located on the former Edward Everett Estate, until its recent closure in May 2019.

This is a very simple story but it uses words more suitable for older readers. There are plenty of illustrations, however, to delight the younger audience, so this book offers a real mix of content for those who pick it up.

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Book description

Lady Lucy’s Ghost Quest is the 4th book in the Lady Lucy’s series about a multi-racial heroine who becomes a knight in the Middle Ages.  In this beautifully illustrated sequel, Lady Lucy and her friends Dillon (the dragon) and Tapestry (the unicorn) travel all the way from England to Vermont to save a vacated but spectacular mansion occupied by ghosts.  In a story filled with charm, humor and excitement, Lady Lucy demonstrates yet again the power of the possible, the capacity to find creative solutions to difficult situations and the recognition that what we fear might not be so dangerous after all. Join her and her friends on this amazing new Quest! You won’t be disappointed.

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