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#RBRT Review Team

Sean has been reading The City Below The Cloud by T.S. Galindo

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Set in a near-future climate change affected world, we follow the grim lives of Kalen and Sett, and their struggle to survive. There is law and order of a sort, mainly enforced by robots, but the teeming millions live right on the starvation line, life is less than cheap, and dead bodies can be turned into legitimate currency…

What I Liked:

  • I liked the build-up of the dystopia, everything is screwed but people still have to get by. Loyalties are fickle, and it is a plausible scenario.
  • The premise of the story was an excellent one.
  • There was an unexpected twist, which is central to the story, which I was surprised by.

What I Didn’t like:

  • The author lapsed into “explanation mode” for certain items, which tended to knock my suspension of belief. It also gave a slight inclination of how things were to go.
  • Some of the science/physics was just wrong, and for me took away from the story.
  • The characters were a little one-dimensional, but in the case of one I could see what that would be.


It is a quick read, and I believe is set up to have at least a sequel, if not a trilogy. I think it is aimed at a young teen audience, and would be a nice primer/taster for entry-level reading, to get someone interested in the genre. For me, there would need to be greater plot development, character definition, and a greater sense of tension/frustration/suppression buildup.

Book description

Few things endure like fear and fungus.

In a city forever shrouded in darkness, Kalan braves the heights of the lichen covered buildings to scrub the invading fungi from the walls. What will be discovered when the secrets of The City Below the Cloud come for them?

A dystopian cyberpunk novella that will leave you questioning everything you thought you knew.

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48192528. sy475

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