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I wasn’t sure what to expect going in, but I was delighted by what I found. This is a quick, easy read that introduced me to a character I definitely want to know more about.
Yeah, she seems a bit too skilled for certain things, but her deficiencies will make up for I think.
I also enjoy the author’s thoughts on how cities very well could turn to looking at unexpected ways to handle rising crime in the future. Do I think that this particular way is a possibility? No, not really. However with the current MARVEL MCU rolling, who knows who could buy into that crazy and try this stuff themselves.
It’s pretty well written, quick, gets straight to the point, and crafts a good couple of characters. Recommended.
Book description
Did you ever want to be a superhero? The city’s defender against crime, violence, and all forms of sicko nastiness?
When one day she stumbled upon a strange help wanted ad claiming that the city was looking for a superhero, Samantha Washington, a former Ranger commander, was sure it was a joke. And she sent in her resume.
Will the ad turn out to be somebody’s dumb idea of a joke, a practical stunt, a cunning maniac’s clever trap, or… a real opportunity leading to a difficult and dangerous future occupation?
Now that she has let herself be drawn inextricably into the chain of events, Samantha will have to figure it all out on her own. And she’ll have to do it face to face with her own deepest fears.
45324527. sy475

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