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Secrets of a Highland Warrior (The Lochmore Legacy, #4)Secrets of a Highland Warrior by Nicole Locke

4 stars

Secrets Of A Highland Warrior is the final book in the Lockmore series of historical romances.

A set of four books, each steps back into history as clues to a mystery are revealed. Book one began in the Victorian era, book two is set during the Regency years, book three in Tudor times, and the final book is set in the medieval period.

So far we have been introduced to a mystical brooch, an empty crypt and a long standing family feud between two clans.

The final tale, but it could also be called the first, is set in 1293. Rory Lockmore is the only child of the current chief of the clan. He has taken men with him to Castle McCrieff, the home of their long-term enemy, to demand the surrender of land granted to them by the new English king.

Instead of the expected battle, Rory is offered a peace treaty and a marriage proposal. Is it a trap or can Rory put an end to the feud between the families?

This book is an enjoyable historical romance, but, more than that, it also provides the answer to the on-going mystery. Each story in the series has added clues and the mystery is concluded in the epilogue by Janet Preston, author of book one (His Convenient Highland Wedding). I’ve enjoyed each of the romances as I’m a fan of this genre; the mystery theme less so. However, I can see this working well as a box set.

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Book description

The key to his past…

…lies with the enemy sharing his bed!

Part of The Lochmore Legacy: a Scottish castle through the ages! Rory Lochmore had expected to wage battle, to claim land and finally secure his standing within his clan… Instead he won a wife. A McCrieff wife. Their convenient marriage could unite the two long-feuding clans forever. But can a political alliance give way to a passion strong enough to stand the secrets of the past?

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