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Bigger than All the Night Sky: The Start Of Spiritual Awakening. A Memoir.Bigger than All the Night Sky: The Start Of Spiritual Awakening. A Memoir. by Rose Rosetree

3 stars

Bigger Than All The Night Sky is a memoir of Rose Rosetree about her spiritual awakening.

The book begins with Rose’s birth and takes us through to her twenty-fourth year. The memoir details Rose’s homelife, school years and her first years of marriage.

A couple of early sections stood out as interesting to me, the first being Rose’s memory of her own birth and how shocked she felt over the limitations of her earth body. The second was when Rose was five years old. During an operation, Rose’s spirit left her body and she recalled the meeting process that took place where she agreed to come to earth for this latest reincarnation.

The rest of the book was of less interest to me; I had little desire to read about the intricate details of Rose’s upbringing. However, her years at college during the 1960s hippie era and her exposure to spiritual awareness did draw back my attention.

The difficulty with any memoir is getting the balance right between a book which fills in the gaps for friends and family who all knew parts but not the whole of the author’s life, and making it appealing to a wider audience. This book certainly had interesting parts, but I think its most appreciative audience would probably be readers who already know Rose and her work.

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Book description

Why are you here?

Still struggling to understand the spiritual purpose of your life?

Finding that you just don’t fit in the traditional religious and philosophical boxes?

You’re in good company. For decades, Energy Spirituality pioneer Rose Rosetree shared the same yearning to understand herself and her greater purpose. She shares that unforgettable story in Bigger than All the Night Sky—a multi-layered, coming-of-age memoir designed to help you see your own sacred search through the lens of hers.

Spanning her life from birth to age 23, you’ll follow every step of Rose’s halting, stumbling journey of spiritual awakening—a journey replete with ever more colorful characters and vignettes, including…

Rose discovering her purpose at age five in the operating room, and promptly forgetting it for decades. Her teenage bedroom featuring the “pin-up” image of… Picasso’s eyes. Her one-on-one encounters with Timothy Leary and Ram Dass. Becoming a highly insecure (yet inspired) TM initiator. Moving Maharishi Mahesh Yogi to tears.

As Rose describes, you and everyone else on the planet had a “Planning Meeting” before you were born, where Divine input shaped your life purpose. Uncovering that purpose isn’t easy, but all authentic spiritual awakening can help, and Rose’s discoveries leave you plenty of clues.

Bigger than All the Night Sky employs a “gradually-maturing-voice” style of writing as Rosetree herself evolves into her first job as a spiritual teacher. With its myriad teaching tales and universal truths—this one-of-a-kind life chronicle will resonate on many levels, while serving as a potent touchstone for your own spiritual journey.

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