Rosie’s #Bookreview of #YA #RomanticSuspense #shortstory An Object Of Desire by Jenny Twist

An Object of DesireAn Object of Desire by Jenny Twist

3 stars

An Object Of Desire is a young adult romantic suspense short story. It is set in the exotic location of Morocco. Hannah and Rea are life-long friends who are enjoying a week’s holiday. While in the market, Rea buys a heavily bejewelled necklace from a bargain basket. At their hotel and during the next day, Hannah feels as though they are being watched. But what could two poor students possibly have that warrants the attention of creepy men?

A sweet little story in a lovely setting with a nod to both Indiana Jones and James Bond, and a fine sense of place.

Note: when I agreed to review this, I didn’t realise that it was a short story.  One reason that I usually avoid shorts is that I prefer a longer storyline, one that I can really get into; thus, I am not the ideal person to review this, but I am sure short story lovers will enjoy it.

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Book description

Hannah and Rea, on holiday in Tangiers are disturbed to discover that two sinister looking characters are following them. Then they meet the mysterious Toby who is himself following the stalkers. He wants to know why the men are interested in the girls. But the girls have no idea. They are not too worried, since the following day they are moving on to Chefchouen. He says he will take them himself, secretly. Is he what he says he is? Or is he part of the problem?
All seems well until Rea disappears.

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