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Terry has been reading The Cleansing By Anton Eine


4 out of 5 stars

I liked this story – it’s clever and well written.  Unusual, too – it consists only of dialogue, with no dialogue tags, between two beings (aliens) in a space ship, many miles from our galaxy.

The aliens’ mission is to wipe out any life on Earth, but as they look at humankind through the medium of TV and films, they become increasingly intrigued by us – and how we (they think) fight to survive pandemics, invasion, wars, all manner of natural disasters; they’re especially interested in the way we have documented our history in intricate detail.

The story held my interest all the way through; it ticked boxes from imaginative to funny, and I thought the chosen method of execution, ie the dialogue, was inspired.

Book description

Will beauty save the world? Not this time…
This sci-fi short story gives us a view of our world from perspective of alien invaders that just arrived to destroy any life on Earth. Can we do anything to save our fragile peace, to protect our home and the very existence of the humankind?

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