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Goodbye Ruby Tuesday (The House on Camden Square #1)Goodbye Ruby Tuesday by A.L. Michael

4 stars

Goodbye Ruby Tuesday is contemporary fiction.

Ruby Tuesday was a music star; we are first introduced to her at a funeral. Her three schoolfriends have come to pay their respects to her. When they were teenagers, the friends had big dreams; they talked about opening a community arts centre.

Ten years on and Ruby left them a studio in London and an opportunity to live their dream. But a lot has happened in those years since school; can Evie, Mollie and Chelsea make the centre work?

This is a character driven story with a romantic feel-good theme running below the surface. I liked the image of ‘bad girls’ turning good, and could really imagine each of the characters. They were well-developed and memorable. I was less convinced with the arts centre theme as it all came together too easily. Overall an easy read story and book one of a trilogy.

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Book description

Four friends have become three. But that’s only the beginning.

Ruby, Evie, Mollie and Chelsea were the bad girls at school. But Ruby was the baddest. Evie fought her anger, Mollie fought her mother and Chelsea…well, Chelsea just fought. But Ruby set her sights on a bigger stage. And together, they dreamed of a future where Ruby could sing, Evie could make art, Mollie could bake, Chelsea could dance – and all of them could finally feel at home.

A decade later, the girls are reunited for the funeral of Ruby, who took the world – and the charts – by storm, before fading too soon. And Evie doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry when she learns that Ruby has left them a house on Camden Square – the perfect place for them to fulfil their dreams. But does she dare take the plunge, and risk it all for one last shot at the stars?

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Goodbye Ruby Tuesday (The House on Camden Square, Book 1) by [Michael, A. L.]

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