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The SecretaryThe Secretary by Renée Knight

4 stars

The Secretary is a mild thriller set in the UK. Christine Butcher is a secretary, a really good one, and she is proud to call herself a number one PA.

The book opens with Christine being offered a job as the secretary to Lord Appleton and his daughter Mina. They own Appleton’s supermarket chain, a business which Lord Appleton runs with strong ethical themes. He believes in fair prices for quality products.

Mina is an ambitious woman who wants to make Appleton a market leader. Christine is about to find out how much Mina wants and how far she will go to get it. Her role as loyal secretary is tested by a controlling Mina. But what will happen when Mina asks too much?

This was an intriguing tale of loyalty, betrayal and revenge. It throws a little sinister shiver over the potential role of any secretary.

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Book description

Look around you. Who holds the most power in the room? Is it the one who speaks loudest, who looks the part, who has the most money, who commands the most respect?

Or perhaps it’s someone like Christine Butcher: a meek, overlooked figure, who silently bears witness as information is shared and secrets are whispered. Someone who quietly, perhaps even unwittingly, gathers together knowledge of the people she’s there to serve – the ones who don’t notice her, the ones who consider themselves to be important.

There’s a fine line between loyalty and obsession. And when someone like Christine Butcher is pushed to her limit, she might just become the most dangerous person in the room . . .

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