My #24in48 Readathon Results @24in48readathon

This weekend I took part in my first readathon.

How I found out about it: I read a book post about it on Maxine’s Obsession Book Blog last Thursday, and after a quick read of the rules I signed up.

The hosts at did an excellent job ( @rachelmanwill  @kristenlcoates  @kerryamchugh ). The forms were easy to use and there were lots of prizes. During the challenge there were regular posts to keep us readers going, some of which had mini challenges and I enjoyed the book community support. I believe over 2500 readers worldwide signed up for the readathon.

On the first day I read for 13 hours and was pleased that I could ‘bank’ an extra hour to add to day two. This proved useful as I was so tired from the intense reading that I overslept. Day two was harder; a headache set in as my eyes expressed their grouchy thoughts about reading so much. I tried to switch things up between reading paperbacks and e-books to vary the view.

I did it! I read five and a half books, filled with over 1600 pages!

If this sounds like a challenge you’d enjoy, there will be another one in July 20th-21st 2019. Once more I’d like to thank the hosts for all their hard work.

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  1. Wow! Well done, Rosie! I’ll try to see if I can take part in the July one. It sounds like good fun (minus the headache) and a good way to reduce a bit the pile of books. 🙂

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