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The Earl and The Enchantress (The Enchantresses, #1)The Earl and The Enchantress by Paullett Golden

4 stars

The Earl And The Enchantress is a historical romance set during 1790 and takes place in England.

The book opens with an introduction to Lizbeth Trethow, an unwilling attendee at a ball. She escapes her aunt’s matchmaking attempts by slipping off to the library. But she’s not alone; Sebastian Roddam is also avoiding the ball. The couple find themselves debating authors; Lizbeth is thrilled to find a well-read opponent, while Sebastian is surprised by Lizbeth’s vast knowledge. He is unaccustomed to meeting aristocratic women so knowledgeable.

When his cousin courts her sister, Sebastian and Lizbeth look forward to chaperoning the couple and strengthening their friendship. Neither is looking for a marriage partner; Lizbeth refuses to become any husband’s possession, while Sebastian feels unworthy of love. But they have much to connect them; when the season ends, and all society leaves London, they actually miss each other.

The second part of the book takes place near the Scottish borders. Lizbeth’s sister, now married,  sends a plea asking Lizbeth to visit her in Northumberland, a place not far from Sebastian’s own residence. Lizbeth is excited, hoping to meet him again. Will the pair ever be destined to be more than just friends?

I particularly enjoyed the northern setting of this book and Sebastian’s renovated castle. The minor King Arthur plot was also a lovely touch, and the descriptions of the library fulfilled my book-loving dream. The storyline fits the genre well, and I would describe the romance as having a medium level of heat. This is book one of a series, with book two due to be published in 2019.

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Book description

Not all scars can be healed with a kiss.

Sebastian Lancaster, Earl of Roddam, harbors a family secret so dark he has forsaken marriage to hide the past. When fate introduces him to Lizbeth, he believes he has met his perfect match—a woman with whom he can share passion without commitment.

Lizbeth Trethow risks everything to follow her heart until Sebastian’s past returns to haunt them. Desperate to hide the blood on his hands, he sabotages their happiness. Everything depends on Lizbeth unraveling the truth and turning this villain into a hero.

This is the love story of Lizbeth and Sebastian as they battle metaphoric ghosts born of murder and enlightenment to be together.

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