Rosie’s #Bookreview Coppe: book two of #fantasy adventure The Rahki Chronicles by @WriterRSJ

Coppe (Rahki Chronicles, #2)Coppe by Rennie St. James

4 stars

Coppe is book two of The Rahki Chronicles, a fantasy adventure series which blends the modern world with that of the Romani and tribes who follow animal spirits.

In book one, the story introduced us to a prophecy which surrounded two people, a gifted child seer and her female protector. Together, it was said, they would bring changes to the gypsy and Rahki peoples.

Nadya and Mia are thought to be those that the prophecy spoke of, but not everyone is pleased by their appearance. There is unease and trouble amongst many of the tribes, and some seek to divert the powers of leadership for themselves, while others have vowed to protect the pair; two Rahki warriors, a genius doctor and a Romani witch, stand by their side.

In book two the unusual band hide away, so that they can learn, train and form plans. They must find out who has been behind a recent attack. Their final destination is a meeting of the clans in California where Mia hopes to be formally accepted as Nadya’s warrior protector.

This book was filled with the preparations that the group needed to move forward. It was good to learn more about the Rhaki world and the strengths of each member of this makeshift clan. They  also faced the serpent threat and chose to take the fight to him. Once again the spiritual elements of the book appealed to me, and kept me invested in the story which will culminate in book three.

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Book description

Training to save the world isn’t as easy as the movies make it look.

Less than six months ago, Mia Rayner abandoned her normal life to become a protector guardian for her Gypsy charge. Her warrior training isn’t exactly going according to plan. After surviving a second attack by Snakes, she and Nadya have taken refuge at an abandoned camp in Rochester, New York. However, they aren’t alone – a Wolf, two Eagles, and a Romani witch still act as their escort.

Tensions rise as the darkness of winter descends and a mysterious visitor invades their camp. Memories of the past bring more questions than answers, and terrifying nightmares foretell a new danger lurking in the shadows.

As Mia prepares to corner a serpent to save Nadya, she wonders who will remain by her side when war begins and blood is spilled.


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