Rosie’s #Bookreview of #Contemporary #Fiction You Can’t Go It Alone by Jessie Cahalin

You Can't Go It AloneYou Can’t Go It Alone by Jessie Cahalin

3 stars

You Can’t Go It Alone is contemporary fiction set in Wales. Sophie and Jack have recently moved to a small village. They want a baby, but three years of trying and several failed IVF treatments are testing their relationship. As they settle into their new home they become involved in the lives of new friends and neighbours. Sophie finds she is the one to offer help and support to others, which culminates in bringing more than one family back together.

This book has strong IVF and family themes as well as touches of humour and romance, so I think it would be of particular interest to readers who have been down the road of IVF and fertility problems. The small cast of characters makes the story easy to follow, but other areas weakened the novel. At times I felt that the author had trouble expressing the pictures she could see in her head; some passages failed to be as evocative as they should have been, with flat sentences and the inclusion of unnecessary mundane detail. Some of the dialogue was very good, but in other areas it was a little wooden and unrealistic. In places, I was unconvinced by the range of emotions of the characters.

The overall story had potential, but sometimes it felt rushed, and lacking in authenticity. I would have preferred more expansion and depth of the main theme. I believe this is the author’s debut novel; I feel that she has yet to develop her style, and would perhaps benefit from working with a good content or developmental editor, or manuscript assessor.

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Book description

Love, music and secrets are woven together in this poignant, heart-warming narrative.
Set in a Welsh village, the story explores the contrast in attitudes and opportunities between different generations of women. As the characters confront their secrets and fears, they discover truths about themselves and their relationships.
The reader is invited to laugh and cry, with the characters, and find joy in the simple things in life. Listen to the music and enjoy the food, as you peek inside the world of the inhabitants of Delfryn.
Let Sophie show you that no one can go it alone. Who knows, you may find some friends with big hearts…

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