Rosie’s #Bookreview Of #Dystopia Amendments by @HMLynnauthor Set In Futuristic Britain

AmendmentsAmendments by Hannah M. Lynn

4 stars

Amendments is a dystopian story set in futuristic Britain. The population lives mainly in one megacity. In an attempt to avoid human disasters of old, such as war and power struggles, a system known as Amendments has been created. When individuals reach the age of twenty-one, they must register for the right to Amend. After that they have two chances to go back and change an event in their past.

But this is still not a perfect world; jobs are limited, many have little money and the act of Amending is having a negative effect on some. Em and Fi have lost their mother and Fi has become so engulfed with guilt that she is now an alcoholic. It’s Em’s twenty-first birthday; Fi is comatose, but family friend Gabe offers to take Em to her registration ceremony.

The problem with the system is that each Amendment causes further consequences and the outcomes are not always for the better as a whole. There is already a dissident group known as Marchers who are protesting about the practice. This story is about Em and the choices she makes to try to save the ones she loves.

The story is split into three sections, which jump to a new time-loop for each Amendment that Em takes. Think of it like Groundhog Day. I liked part one the best; I think it was a hard task to make the next two time-loops interesting enough to make the reader want to invest in re-reading some of the same points. It might have helped if the depth and background of the main characters developed to a greater extent with each time-loop.

This was definitely an interesting concept; the content made it an intense, bleak story, which gave me cause for thought. I think it would be of interest to those who think about the future of mankind.

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Emelia must choose. Her sister or her soulmate.
In a world not dissimilar to our own, the Administration have ensured that the human race should not have to live with any regrets.

Like millions before her, Emelia now has the chance to go back and make the ‘correct’ decisions. The little envelope that contains her amendment will change not just her life, but that of the people she loves the most. Her sister Finola, whose reckless and self-destructive nature have lead her dangerously close to the sinister Marchers movement; and Gabe, the rock that has been holding the remnants of her family together for as long as she can remember.

Caught between saving Finola or happiness with Gabe, she must struggle to predict how the ripples of her amendments will spread.
What would you amend?

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  1. The premise of this interests me a lot, because I love dystopian worlds, but I know what you mean about the Groundhog Day thingy – in other films/books in which I’ve seen this, I think ‘oh, that’s interesting, the same thing from another perspective’, but after about five minutes I get bored and start skim reading (or just get bored, if watching a film!), because I already know what happens. I think the only way it can work is to keep it short and introduce totally new and key factors each time so that a deeper plot is revealed.

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