Rosie’s #Bookreview of Chasing Ghosts by Madalyn Morgan

Chasing GhostsChasing Ghosts by Madalyn Morgan

3.5 stars

Chasing Ghosts is book six of the Dudley Sisters World-War-Two historical sagas, but is primarily a sequel to China Blue which is book three of the series. I recommend reading these books in sequence to understand the connections.

This is the continuation of Claire and Mitch’s story. Mitch has been suffering from severe shell shock, and he’s been having treatment for it in Canada. But a mystery surrounds his therapy which escalates when Mitch goes missing.

Claire must find her husband before the military catch him and accuse him, she suspects, of false war-crimes. She heads to France and asks for help from her former friends in the Resistance. The trail leads across post-war France as Claire puts her previous skills as a spy back into good use.

It did take me a while to get into this book, as I had to recall the events of China Blue; a ‘story so far’ paragraph or two at the beginning might have helped. The book is very well-researched and presented, which is always a big plus, but I felt that the story itself was slowed down by too much mundane detail that added little to either atmosphere or plot, whereas just the odd well-placed detail would have enabled me to visualise the scene. Throughout the book there is mention of product names of the time, which will appeal to the readers who enjoy this feature of books set in this period, though I find such pressing of the nostalgia buttons a little contrived. This is, however, just a personal opinion that I know many will not agree with.

Overall, an okay read, but it was only at around half-way that the story began to build in tension. I think the writing style missed opportunities to make it sharp and excitingly dangerous, elements that many readers in today’s marketplace demand.

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Book description

In 1949 after receiving treatment for shell shock in Canada, Claire’s husband disappears.

Has Mitch left her for the woman he talks about in his sleep? Or is he on the run from accusations of wartime treachery?

Claire goes to France in search of the truth, aided by old friends from the Resistance.

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7 thoughts on “Rosie’s #Bookreview of Chasing Ghosts by Madalyn Morgan

  1. Sometimes it’s the story itself, sometimes the style of writing, sometimes a book just hits home, Rosie. That’s what I love when I read different reviews – getting the feel of a book through the eyes of different readers.

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  2. I love Madalyn’s books and thoroughly enjoyed China Blue, Chasing Ghosts is on my TBR pile. I agree with Judith, different viewpoints are great as it means a book is being talked about. Which is what Rosie does so well!

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