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Trying New HatsTrying New Hats by Sofia Ellis

3.5 stars

Trying New Hats is a contemporary romance set mainly in Paris. Thirty-five-year-old Poppy Parker is just about to get promoted to Senior Marketing Manager at Boston’s Belle Cosmetics, but Gus Weasel snatches the position from under her nose. An angry Poppy wants to quit, but her boss insists she takes six-weeks paid leave to think about it instead.

This isn’t helped by her fiancé, Daniel, when he announces his own work promotion, adding that he must take off for Hong Kong immediately for six months. She then discovers that Daniel’s been keeping secrets from her, and she suspects he’s having an affair; her world is shattered in twenty-four-hours.  But all is not lost; Poppy discovers an aunt she didn’t know she had.  Selma lives in Paris, and Poppy makes an impulsive decision to visit her.

Selma collects lost souls, and Poppy fits right in.  Currently sharing the apartment is a grumpy artist and a reclusive author and Poppy begins to find some balance as she falls in love with more than just the City Of Love.

This is a sweet romance in a lovely setting. I enjoyed reading about Selma and the way she collected people in need and gave them space and time to heal. The romance is straight forward and a clean read but it does contain rather too many genre clichés in both narrative and dialogue. For this book to stand out amongst the millions of competitors it needs to have more of its own unique voice.

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Book description

Boston born and bred Poppy Parker gets thrown for a loop when the promotion she has been promised for two years is given to someone else. Meanwhile, her fiancé accepts a job offer in Hong Kong without consulting her and postpones their wedding. So when she finds a postcard from Paris with a message written by an aunt she didn’t know existed, she can’t think of a reason to not book a seat on the next flight to France.

Poppy has worn the dutiful daughter and supportive sister hat for as long as she can remember, the loyal employee hat for her entire professional career, and the patient fiancée hat since she started dating the man she is supposed to marry, a man who is already married to his job. It’s time for her to try some new hats on for size. In the process, she uncovers long-buried family secrets and a chance at true love if she is brave enough to take it.

About the author

Sofia Ellis loves sunny summer days, books and movies that end with the promise of happily ever after, and, above all, spending time with her family. She also enjoys drinking coffee while writing. Without the invigorating powers of caffeine, she wouldn’t get much done.

Sofia Ellis

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