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Winds of TimeWinds of Time by Lilly Gayle

4 stars

Winds Of Time is a historical romance set in Texas around 1871.

In modern times, Selena Tillman has a locket from an ancestor, Mary. She has also inherited Mary’s property. But a family mystery and possible haunting surrounds Mary’s death, so Selina travels to Texas to try to find some clues. A couple of objects in the house, when touched, give Selina visions about the past, and an urgent message, from Mary herself, comes to Selina just as a tornado blows through the property.

The tornado deposits Selina at the property a year after Mary’s disappearance back in the late 1800s and Selina believes she now knows how Mary died and why no one found her body. But she’s immediately met by Major Davis and Captain Casey. Selina poses as a relative of Mary’s who was due to inherit the property. She must convince the men about her theory surrounding Mary’s death and in the process save an innocent man.

This was an enjoyable story. Selina was particularly tested when she tried to integrate with the era and not everyone believed who she was. She confused Casey on several occasions, but her resolve to rescue him and her feelings for him won him over. The novel included lots of information about the war with the Native Americans. It also showed the prejudices of the time against women and inter-racial marriages. I would easily recommend this to readers who enjoy historical romance.

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Book description

The past is her future, the future, her past, but can she save an innocent man’s life before history repeats itself?
As long as Selena Tillman dreams of her ancestor, Mary, who disappeared without a trace in 1872, she’ll never find peace. As long as she dreams of the half-Native American army scout accused of killing Mary, she’ll never find love. Hoping to end the dreams and learn the truth, Selena goes to Texas where Mary and the scout died and sees more than ghosts. She sees a tornado kill Mary in real time before it jumps to the twenty-first century to pull Selena into its vortex and send her back to the nineteenth century. Selena believes she’s fated to prove Dylan’s innocence and save his life, but Dylan isn’t just the man of her dreams; he’s her destiny.
Fed up with the army, bigotry, and women—especially white women, Captain Dylan Casey dedicates himself to solving the mystery of Mary’s disappearance, proving his innocence, and trying to stop a war between the whites and the Indians. Then Mary’s cousin shows up, claiming a tornado killed Mary. Dylan doesn’t trust Selena, but she’s his only ally in Canyon Creek. Yet despite their common goal, growing mutual attraction, and a Comanche shaman’s prophecy of a white woman who will change his destiny and foretell the fate of the Indian Nation, Dylan refuses to take a chance on another spoiled, white woman—until fate changes his mind.

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