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Legacy of a KingLegacy of a King by Charlene Sponsel

3 stars

Legacy Of A King is a romantic fantasy tale set in a medieval style world.

The setting consists of multiple ruling provinces, within the land of Conica. We meet Illota (known as Lili) as she attends a coming of age party; here, she catches the eye of King Tali and Queen Vourin. Sadly, a short time later the queen dies, but she leaves instructions that Lili is to be invited to court so she may befriend the king, to offer compassion while he mourns the loss of his wife.

As Lili matures, it becomes expected that she will become the next mate of King Tali. During her time at court, Lili becomes great friends with Cam, the king’s son. The secret love they share is tested when Lili also reveals her feelings for the king.

Years pass; Lili has three children with King Tali. Cam takes his own mate, but when the king dies, Lili and the children are no longer safe. Cam offers them safety, but struggles to keep his long supressed feelings for Lili in control. Will Cam and Lili ever be free to openly show their feelings for each other?

The author has constructed a well-planned fantasy world. However, a huge amount of it was introduced at the beginning. I would have enjoyed this information drip-fed to us throughout the book. This way, more time could have been spent developing memorable descriptive attributes for the principal characters and themes.

The novel is dialogue-led, using character conversations to move the story forward. I found this technique prevented me getting an all-round feel for the main characters because I only knew them from how they spoke to one another. So much dialogue also made it exhausting to read as there were few breaks in the pacing; some illustration of inner dialogue might have been more effective. This style also contributed, at times, to jarring jumps in the sequence of events. However, at around eighty percent, there was a change and the author inserted some much needed descriptive narrative. The two main characters now began to blossom and became three dimensional, if a little late in the day.

I felt that the three themes running through this book—fantasy, romance and mystery—competed for attention rather than complimenting each other and lifting the story to another level.

Overall, this book had a promising fantasy theme. As with any new world, though, readers need time to absorb the details to be able to visualise the images as the author sees them. It is building details of both background detail and characters, often by layering, which will ultimately grab the reader and make them want to read more.

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Book description

The queen of Conica has been murdered. To save her family, Lili is promised to the bereaved king. Now, the murderers have their sites on the future queen. Cam, the youngest son of the king, befriends the lonely girl for the sake of his father. He finds he can’t live without her. Together, they can change the course of a nation but at what cost?
A coming of age story of intrigue and romance set in a feudal fantasy world.

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