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Chris has been reading Jimmy The House Spider by Raymond T Davies


A cute children’s story about the adventures of Jimmy the house spider, spending his days with grandpa.

When Jimmy the house spider and Grandpa first meet, there is instant chemistry between the two and they soon become firm friends, with Jimmy spending post of his days in Grandpa’s pocket. But there are still dangers to navigate, including a cat and a pond full of hungry creatures…

The story was very sweet, and there were a lot of facts included in this fictional tale, but woven well into the story so that they did not feel overbearing in any way. The illustrations were also good. The book could have done with more paragraphs, as a page full of text with no white space is a little tough for the young audience this book is aimed at to tackle but, apart from that, a great little read. Recommended.

Book description

‘I have spent a good deal of time teaching my children and grandchildren to respect the other creatures we share our world with. Many children and even many grown-ups, suffer from arachnophobia with unfortunate results for themselves and the spiders; particularly those who inhabit our homes. My hope is this house spider adventure will dispel some of those fears and influence children and their parents to look kindly on these useful and harmless little creatures and indeed, all life forms which make up our world. They all have their part to play in ensuring our unique planet and the life it supports, will continue.’

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