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WolfHeartWolfHeart by Konstantina P.

3 stars

Wolfheart is a paranormal fantasy romance.

The Anders pack of werewolves share a land with Magic folk and humans. A bloody war took place and now the magical people and werewolves are sworn enemies. In the continuing power struggles the werewolves kidnap Cora, the Magic King’s daughter, hoping to use her as a bargaining tool.

Power in the Anders pack traditionally passes from mother to daughter.  Jen is the Alpha female of the pack, but her younger brother Steven created his own pack. Although Steven treats Jen as his queen, there are times when disagreements challenge their positions.

Cora is not what the werewolves expect and they find themselves connecting to her rather than seeing her as their enemy. This leads to a predictable showdown finale.

The plot had potential and I liked the paranormal theme, but I felt the book needed another re-draft and perhaps the assistance of a good editor. I wasn’t convinced by the characters so I didn’t get the escapism experience I was hoping for.

I felt there were opportunities for deep character development which would have made the personalities rounded and believable. Currently too many of the characters have similar sounding dialogue and showed simplistic, often childish, behaviour. Also, the behaviours of any werewolf pack should be very strong with no room for insubordination or disloyalty; the current mannerisms, for me, didn’t suit the story.

This was a good try for a debut novel, but in order to compete in the saturated fantasy market place, I think this book will need further work.

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Book description

In the middle of the war between two powerful species that revealed the supernatural world to Humans, two people try to find their place among their kind and with each other while battling not only the circumstances, but their own nature too.

Steven -a Werewolf Prince- inherited his Alpha powers after murdering a rabid wolf but in doing so he disrupted the equilibrium inside his family´s pack where the power should pass from mother to daughter. Now, with both him and his sister Jen being Alphas and laden with guilt, Steven has to keep his head down and follow orders; play the good soldier in a war he detests.

When Jen sends him on a mission that will take him and his pack out of pack land for the first time, he finds Cora -the Magic Princess- born the first year of the war and believed to be the most powerful Magic that has ever walked the earth. The Anders Werewolves though cannot survive long outside their land and Jen hates Magics with passion after they kidnapped and killed her mate. Wolves mate for life so, determined to take her revenge, Jen leaves her brother to struggle with his own morality; save a girl who has spend her entire life being tortured by her own people or keep quiet and maintain his position at his sister´s side, keeping their people united?

About the author

My debut novel “WolfHeart”, a new adult, paranormal romance, was published on November 2017. I was born in 1988 in Korinthos, Greece and soon after my family moved to Lefkada where I grew up until 2006, when I relocated to Athens for my studies. I have a BSc in Physics, a MSc in Materials Science and currently I am studying for my PhD. In 2013, I got my Diploma in Scriptwriting for TV, Film, Stage, Radio.

Konstantina P.

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