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Princess Faith is well aware of the circulating whispers after she turned down an offer of marriage from Prince Jaeger of Aronsite. But she was determined she would marry someone of her choosing, not be forced into a union with a man more concerned with what cloak he should wear while riding than the fate of the people in his kingdom, despite her father’s displeasure. She had counted on marrying the prince’s elder brother, Mikhail, but he has been missing since a battle with the Northerners.

Faith is not a typical, spoiled princess. She’s well aware of her practical shortcomings but in a last ditch attempt to avoid the unwanted marriage, Faith comes up with a plan and decides to try and make a deal with her father.

Faith wasn’t ready to give up, however, and put her idea to her father. If she can survive on her own in the outside world for three months and return without having suffered any ill effects, she can choose her own husband. If she fails, she gives her promise to marry as her father wishes. The King agrees, confident his pampered daughter will be back in no time.

This modern take on a fairy tale was a quick and very pleasant way to while away an hour or two. Faith was a lovely, genuine character, I was willing her to succeed even though it looked very unlikely. She knows she has weaknesses but believes in herself and wants to take control of her own life. Faith is made of strong stuff for someone who has been cosseted all her life, and despite being completely ill-equipped, the hardships, difficulties and failures, she is courageous and doesn’t give up easily. Lessons are learned during her time in the forest, about herself and what is important in life – anything worth having is worth fighting for.

Book description

A pampered princess is told she must marry a prince she doesn’t like, let alone love, on her nineteenth birthday. Desperate to find a way to stop this arranged marriage, she makes a bargain with her father. If she can survive for three months in the forest with no help of any kind and return healthy and unharmed, then she can choose the man she will marry. The King accepts the wager, knowing he can’t possibly lose. Princess Faith knows she must win this deal, but once she ventures into the forest, she has no idea how she can possibly succeed.

About the author

D. G. Driver likes to write about diverse people dealing with social or environmental issues, but she likes to include a touch of fantasy or fun, too. She primarily writes middle grade and young adult fiction. She is the award-winning author of the YA eco-fiction series The Juniper Sawfeather Novels, which includes Cry of the Sea, Whisper of the Woods, and Echo of the Cliffs. She has stories in a variety of anthologies, and her newest book is a middle grade story about bullying and Autism awareness called No One Needed to Know. When she isn’t writing, she is teaching, performing in a local community theater musical, or probably watching TV.

D.G. Driver

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