NewRelease! Terry Tyler’s UK2, Book #3 Project Renova Series #PostApocalyptic #Dystopian @TerryTyler4

Two decades of social media had prepared them well for UK2.’ 

UK2 (Project Renova Series, #3)

The pace steps up in this final instalment of the Project Renova trilogy, as the survivors’ way of life comes under threat.

Two years after the viral outbreak, representatives from UK Central arrive at Lindisfarne to tell the islanders about the shiny new city being created down south.  UK2 governor Verlander’s plan is simple: all independent communities are to be dissolved, their inhabitants to reside in approved colonies.  Alas, those who relocate soon suspect that the promises of a bright tomorrow are nothing but smoke and mirrors, as great opportunities turn into broken dreams, and dangerous journeys provide the only hope of freedom.

Meanwhile, far away in the southern hemisphere, a new terror is gathering momentum…

I walked through that grey afternoon, past fields that nobody had tended for nearly three years, past broken down, rusty old vehicles, buildings with smashed windows.  I was walking alone at the end of the world, but I was a happy man.  I was free, at last.

Although this concludes the Project Renova trilogy, there will be more books in the series.  A collection of five side stories is planned, and another novel, set far into the future.


If you have not yet read any of this series, Book #1, Tipping Point, is now on sale at the permanently low price of 99p.

Tipping Point (Project Renova #1)

Here’s the Tipping Point link: 

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  1. I’ve already downloaded this. It’s my reward for meeting the Secret Dumfries deadline, which is today. I’ve just hit send am am looking forward to a weekend of reading. Might be better to clean the house first, though.


  2. I look forward to this one, Terry. Although I have the stories pending, I suspect this one will take precedence. I must know what happens next! Thanks, Rosie and Happy Easter all.


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