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The IntruderThe Intruder by P.S. Hogan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Intruder is a mild thriller where the focus is on an ordinary man rather than the popular police investigations that currently flood this genre.

William Heming is an estate agent, a quiet, diligent man, who worked his way up from a holiday job to business owner. He knows his town well, having helped buy and sell a house on almost every street. He silently supports the community, giving generous donations to both youth and play groups. He’s an advocate for good social behaviour, treats his employees well and often goes the extra mile for clients.

Heming is a very private man, but has an inquisitive nature and an obsessive need to snoop into other people’s lives. He is a silent watcher, a stalker and a man who holds a key to every house he’s sold. He regularly returns to these houses to soak up the atmosphere and, most chillingly, of all, rifle through the current owner’s possessions.

This is an intriguing novel. Heming is both compelling and repulsive, an unlikeable character, but one whose full story I wanted to know. Hogan drip-feeds Heming’s background along with his present life; one moment I was close to empathy for Heming, the next I shivered in discomfort. This tug-of-war kept my interest as the tale turned sinister and made me wonder just where Heming was heading to next.

Ideal for those who want something different from the thriller genre and are happy to have a rest from many of the high octane fast paced books they might have been recently reading.

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Book description

He has the key to hundreds of houses.
Maybe even to yours.

William Heming is an estate agent. He’s kept a copy of every key to every house he’s ever sold. Sometimes he visits them. He lets himself in – quietly, carefully – to see who lives there now, what they’re like, what they’ve been doing.

But what will happen when he gets caught?

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6 thoughts on “My #Bookreview of mild #thriller THE INTRUDER by P.S.Hogan @HJ_Barnes #TuesdayBookBlog

  1. Thank you – you know I was having trouble finding my next good book ~ I’ve just bought this and will be starting it later!


      • Well, I’m at 35% and I think it’s terrific. I can’t believe all the bad reviews – what do they expect, immediate murders and rapes, or something? Lots of them complain about the backstory – but it’s essential and fascinating, as you slowly get to know why he is how he is – glad you thought that too. I think the publisher has maybe done the author a disservice by marketing it as ‘grip lit’, with that daft ‘creepiest you’ll read this year’ tag – it’s a sinister psychological unfolding, and some of it is so beautifully written it’s almost in the realms of literary fiction.

        And it’s so clever… the author has made me LIKE this weirdo!! So thanks again – you found me a good book!!!


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