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Fun Post Time

I’ve been reading some great posts for this book tag and thought it about time I joined in.

Name your favourite cartoon

Garfield! (anyone now humming the theme tune? I know I am!)

One of my favourites is a Thanksgiving episode. Garfield has got himself stuck at a butchers in place of a turkey. An old lady comes in and says to the butcher, ‘Can I have one without fur, please?’

Name a song which is your current favourite

I recently heard Footloose again and am now determined to learn all the lyrics so I can genuinely sing it and not mumble the bits I don’t know.

What could you do for hours that isn’t reading?

Really, really tough as I LOVE reading. BUT, I also enjoy walking out in nature, especially in Spring and Summer. At home I tramp along the local canal and investigate the countryside.

What do you love to do that your followers would be surprised about?

I do like to dance. Whilst looking up the lyrics for Footloose (see above) I found video clips of Flash Mob dancing. Brilliant! You must watch this.

What is your favourite, unnecessarily specific thing to learn about?

Geneology – I take great delight in researching the family tree and finding out about our ancestors.

What is something unusual that you know how to do?

I know how to do a Tsukahara Vault (I’m busy right now, so here’s a clip of someone else!)

Name something you made in the last year

I made a cake and actually followed the recipe! It’s a standard joke in our house that I throw together ingredients and cook almost everything at 180c for 30 minutes.

What is your most recent none-book personal project?

My year long challenge to do ONE good deed a day for a whole year. I loved it so much I did it for two years. I took it on after reading a book! A Year of Doing Good by Judith O’Reilly. Shh! Pretend I didn’t mention a book!

Tell us something you think about often

I often think about my friends and how I can help them.

Tell us something that’s your favourite, but make it oddly specific.

I’ve always been drawn to a cosy ‘me-cave’ I would love a bed with curtains. Years ago I remember seeing one (similar to the picture below) in a French museum farmhouse and I wanted to climb right in. They make me feel safe.

Feel free to join in. This tag comes from Katie and you can watch her original video here.

38 thoughts on “Anything But Books Tag created by Katie @ReadOrRot

  1. I love that flash mob! This was such a fun post. You’re right–I NEVER knew you could do a vault like that. Maybe someday I’ll get to see that and then, of course, die happy and fulfilled.

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  2. ….and now I’ve read your answers, Rosie! Dancing is a Leo thing…. I used to be good at it (only pop/rock/contemporary stuff!) before I sat back from any dance area in my early 40s, because few things look more gruesome than the middle-aged-people-dance!

    With you on the nature walks, one of my favourite things too. I used to walk the beach when I lived in Cromer, for hours. And never got over how lucky I was to live there. Love your idea of the reading nook. Oh yes, beds with curtains… wonderful!

    A very fun post – now I shall look at the vaulting video and be massively impressed that you can do it!

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  3. Footloose, how brilliant! I’d love to do a flash mob. I suggested to my dance teacher that we do a flash mob in Morrisons for Carnival Week here, but she is always too busy at that time of year. Think I’ll keep pressing her – if she says yes, you must come and take part!

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  4. Great post, Rosie. I love gymnastics (watching. That and ice-skating have always been my favourites), love Footloose and the flashmob video is fabulous. I’m not very good at dancing but I join in on anything going if I can (grace I have none, but if I can follow the steps I’ll give it a go). I love your me-cave and walking. You’ve put a smile on my face with this post. Have a great Friday, Rosie!


  5. We watched ‘Footloose’ again recently because it has been said that my husband looks a bit like Kevin Bacon (he has been known to dance occasionally too) and the kids wanted to see it. They thought it was hilarious! You know you’re going to have to demonstrate that vault now, don’t you? 🙂


  6. Ahhh flash mobs – sorry I’d be the person running and hiding if someone tried to get me to take part, don’t mind watching from afar 🙂 I also used to be a gymnast some 27-30 years ago. Can’t even bend over backwards, never mind flip these days – can still do the splits though. I also did ballet, tap and had a stint at ballroom (my sister was a champion in it and I used to watch her). There used to be a show on, think weekend evening where ballroom teams competed, she was on there. X


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