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Blessedly Bound is such a different premise, an intriguing and unusual story.

I have never read an intelligent book about witches before, and found this one both well written and fascinating. I will definitely be reading more of the series.

The story begins with Gwen living an ordinary life and doing all the ordinary things, unaware of her destiny. She seems a very vulnerable and likeable woman, someone who cares about her family and loves to knit. Someone just like you and me, in fact.

This first book sets the scene for both the relationships and discoveries in Gwen’s life. She has to learn so much in the beginning about her life and her future .

When she meets Sebastian, her new next-door neighbour, I didn’t approve of the devastating effect he had on Gwen, but you couldn’t argue with the chemistry between them. I hoped she would fall in love with Lewis, as I had. He was so loyal to Gwen, but forced to compete with Sebastian on so many levels.

However, just who should Gwen trust?

I shall be reading the second book in book in the series to find out!

“She did not get a feeling of danger from him. Her instincts told her the opposite. She felt a natural pull toward him. It felt like she knew him. Like they shared a link already. She smiled, sat on the couch, and tried to resist the urge to ask him about magic. The look in his eyes as he watched her said he also had something on his mind that he held back.”

Book description

Gwen Hensley finds herself pulled into something life altering when she inherits a sprawling manor from a grandmother she never knew. As a witch, she uses her gift of sight to experience her grandmother die in a brutal execution by flames. The vision is only the catalyst that tosses her into a mystery involving a killer with psychopathic tendencies and a vitriol for witches.

Seeking aid in unraveling the mystery, she discovers her familiar, Lewis, is wrapped up in her family curse that involves voodoo and a sacrifice of the first-born witch in each generation. The neighbor, Sebastian, her grandmother’s best friend and a familiar with his own haunted past, tugs her in intimate and magical ways, which both puts her in danger and a position to be more powerful than she ever dreamed possible.

About the author

LUCRETIA STANHOPE is the award-winning author of The Elemental Witch Trials series, featuring witches and vampires in an eternal struggle for power. She also writes horror, and paranormal romance.
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Lucretia Stanhope

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  1. I have a thing for books about witches. I think it’s the being born on Halloween that does it 🙂 Sounds like my kind of book. I’ll have to look out for it. X


  2. ugh….if only this genre wasn’t beaten to (un)death,I would be more excited about series like this. Anita says as much when she writes “I have never read an intelligent book about witches before”. It’s a lot about the poor quality of the books flooding the market.


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