#BookTwins If You Like Game Of Thrones Then You Might Like Jasper By @tonyriches #wwwblogs

Book Twins

“If you read … you’ll like …”

When you’ve read a book, do you sometimes find yourself thinking “oh, that really reminds me of *insert name of another book*”?

Welcome to a new feature, in which my team and I make reading suggestions based on your favourites, be they classics, or newer best sellers.  Our recommendations consider not just genre, but writing style, plot—and that ‘feel’ you can’t quite put your finger on.

This week’s choice is from team member Terry:

If you liked A Game of Thrones by GRR Martin, you might like:


Jasper by Tony Riches

Jasper is the second book in Tony Riches’ Tudor Trilogy ~ you might think this historical fiction based on fact is a strange choice to pair with fantasy epic A Game of Thrones, from the A Song of Ice and Fire series, but all the time I was reading it, I was struck by the similarity.

Jasper Tudor, uncle of Henry VII and great-uncle of Henry VIII, is a fascinating character, and Riches portrays him as the charismatic, adventurous yet flawed hero I imagined—not unlike, say, Jamie Lannister or Robb Stark!  The story takes place during the later years of the Wars of the Roses, flies around England, Wales and France (rather than Westeros), and involves the switching allegiances of dukes and lords, a large cast of characters including a mercenary or two, double dealing, defeat, danger, love and revenge.

It’s every bit as magical, thrilling and exhausting as A Game of Thrones, or any of the others in the series, with one difference – it really happened.  A terrific book!

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Have you read Jasper? Would you agree with Terry?


15 thoughts on “#BookTwins If You Like Game Of Thrones Then You Might Like Jasper By @tonyriches #wwwblogs

  1. Terry has mentioned Tony’s books before and I still haven’t grabbed myself a copy *hangs head*. As an avid GoT fan and lover of all things Tudor I think this is the kick I needed. Great post, ladies.


  2. Thanks for all your comments, people – sorry, been away from the internet for a week so only just seen this!

    The whole trilogy is great, but Jasper is far and away my favourite 🙂


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