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Watch For Me By Moonlight (Choc Lit)Watch For Me By Moonlight by Kirsty Ferry
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Watch For Me By Moonlight is a Choclit mystery romance.

The book opens with a torrential rain storm and a lightning strike on the church of English stately home Hartsford Hall. The strike is a direct hit on the tomb of Georgiana Kerridge.

Elodie Bright currently works at the Hall; she grew up with Alex, the current Earl, her first love and the man who broke her heart. Elodie always loved the effigy on Georgiana’s tomb, fantasising a friendship between herself and the 18th century girl who died so young.

When Alex and Elodie discover the damaged tomb they find it empty except for a key, bible, pistol and locket. Where could the body be? Elodie has always seen ghosts and the mystery begins to unravel in a series of visions especially when she touches items they’ve found.

A handsome highwayman, a forbidden love, jealously, denial and a cover -up all make up the story of Hartsford Hall’s ancestors. Alex and Elodie find themselves tied to the past as it draws them closer in the modern world.

I liked the idea of the storyline; a mystery highwayman sounded very romantic and I’ve long been a fan of the Robin Hood tale. I was also intrigued, at first, with the ghostly sightings and visions. But the plot was weakened by wordy sentences and information dumping, particularly via dialogue. I found the narrative clichéd in parts, rather than unique to the author. Overall an okay read and one which might suit fans of ghostly happenings in English country houses.

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“It was the first full moon since that night. She waited and watched by moonlight, as she had promised …”
When her life in London falls apart, Elodie Bright returns to Suffolk and to Hartsford Hall, the home of her childhood friend Alexander Aldrich, now the Earl of Hartsford. There, she throws herself into helping Alex bring a new lease of life to the old house and its grounds.

After a freak storm damages the Hall chapel and destroys the tomb of Georgiana Kerridge, one of Alex’s eighteenth-century relatives, Elodie and Alex find a reconnection in the shocking discovery brought to light by the damaged tomb.

Through a series of strange flashbacks and uncanny incidents, they begin to piece together Georgiana’s secret past involving a highwayman, a sister’s betrayal and a forbidden love so strong that it echoes through the ages …


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Kirsty is from the North East of England and won the English Heritage/Belsay Hall National Creative Writing competition in 2009 with the ghostly tale ‘Enchantment’.

Her timeslip novel, ‘Some Veil Did Fall’, a paranormal romance set in Whitby, was published by Choc Lit in Autumn 2014. This was followed by another Choc Lit timeslip, ‘The Girl in the Painting’ in February 2016 and ‘The Girl in the Photograph’ in March 2017. The experience of signing ‘Some Veil Did Fall’ in a quirky bookshop in the midst of Goth Weekend in Whitby, dressed as a recently undead person was one of the highlights of her writing career so far!

Kirsty’s day-job involves sharing a Georgian building with an eclectic collection of ghosts – which can sometimes prove rather interesting.


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