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The Internet Made Me Do It (Avery Fowler 2.0 Trilogy Book 2) by [Ammoscato, Jennifer]

Chic Lit, humour

Another 5 Star novel

This is the second of three books be Jennifer Ammoscato about the delightfully witty ‘would be erotic (with a difference) novelist’ Avery Fowler and her life with her boyfriend, family and friends.  I have to say that this novel is just as funny and charming as the first (Dear Internet, it’s Me Avery).

Avery does not rely on Clementine quite as much in this book, but when she does turn to her online advisor, the giggles simply come out of my mouth before I realise it.  I have had some rather odd looks from my family, when I interrupt their TV or movie viewing with a rather loud outburst of giggles or laughter when they are not expecting it.  But you cannot help it. Jennifer Ammoscato is a very witty writer and makes it so easy to relate to Avery and the characters in the book.

The relationship between Avery and Ryan Whiteford Becomes even more tantalising, and I keep picking up my kindle to see what happens next….it is addictive!  Ryan is lovely, funny and annoying. He seems to put his foot in it quite a bit. The trouble is, I kind of feel for both Avery and Ryan, but then think to myself ‘Ryan should know better, typical man’.  You will have to read the book to understand what I am saying, but I am sure it will be time well spent and you will have fun along the way.

I am really looking forward to the 3rd instalment ‘The Internet Never Lies’ I am sure I will not be disappointed.

Thank you once again Jennifer Ammoscato for such a fun and easy to read book.

Book Description

It’s been forty-three days, seven hours and twenty-six minutes since reporter Avery Fowler last consulted her favourite website,, for advice.

But now—her mouse finger’s getting itchy:

You see, after a year of highs, the lows are coming fast and furious.

Maybe just this one time, she can turn to Clem…

Dear Is it hacking if it’s my boyfriend’s computer?
Dear What’s in fashion for S&M: leather or lace?
Dear Should there be icicles in my turkey?
Dear Is the definition of “hooker” flexible?
Does Avery have an unhealthy Internet advice dependency? Probably.

But it would never steer her wrong—would it?

About the author

Jennifer Ammoscato

By day, Jennifer Ammoscato is an intrepid writer/editor. By night, she fights crime (not so much), the urge to organize closets and to stuff herself with salted chocolate caramels.

Despite her exhaustive to-do list, she’s written the Avery Fowler 2.0 Trilogy:

Dear Internet: It’s Me, Avery (Book 1)
The Internet Made Me Do It (Book 2)
The Internet Never Lies (Book 3)

They are available on Amazon, Kobo, Nook, Indigo and other fine online retailers.


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