#RevOfKindness Challenge week 6 Kindness Without Expectation @NikiMeadowsWA

Week 6 is about Kindness Without Expectation

Niki’s Kindness Without Expectation Exercise-

Think of the times you expect something in return for the kindness you extend. It might be something small like hearing thank you or it might be hoping it’s reciprocated. How does it feel when you do something kind and don’t get what you expect in return? What do you receive by doing kind things or being kind even if you don’t expect it?

Take note of the times you’re kind without expectation this week. How did it feel? Did you end up getting something in return anyway?


Here is Britain the week has been overshadowed by the terrible Grenfell tower-block fire. Examples of kindness without expectation can be seen from the people sending clothes and donations to those left with nothing after their homes and lives were destroyed.

In my own life, I went through my own exercise on this subject around a year ago. I felt trapped in a cycle of helping or volunteering, which I then resented when I didn’t get thanked or appreciated in the ways that I expected. But who was I to judge others reactions? Via some deep soul searching and questioning of my thoughts and feelings I decided that it would be healthier to me to continue to help others and volunteer, but to change my expectations. Now I work on telling myself that it doesn’t matter how others react, what matters more is that the universe will be grateful.


9 thoughts on “#RevOfKindness Challenge week 6 Kindness Without Expectation @NikiMeadowsWA

  1. And what matters is that you grow as a person if the kindness just comes from instinct. Thank you, Niki; a good post. Seeing such despair this week is heartbreaking and, hopefully (I tried0, made me take more care of those around me.

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  2. Sorry to hear the news about that fire. That is terrible. Excellent job being reflective to realize that you can’t give to get. Not everyone makes that realization.

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  3. That’s a great way to think about, Nikki. Karma is alive and well. I truly believe the universe repays those who give. Besides, it feels good to help others. I wouldn’t have it any other way, whether they show their appreciation or not.

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  4. I do believe in ‘what goes around comes around’, yes, and of course some things like donating to the victims of disasters should be and are done with no expectation whatsoever, but doing day-to-day things for people in your life is a whole different kettle of fish. Of course we want thanks. It’s human nature, if someone is forever taking without giving back or even saying thank you, to feel a bit miffed. Or to just stop doing doing stuff for them. I don’t mean that we always expect reciprocation (I agree, you should never give with the sole expectation of getting back!), but nobody wants to feel like a doormat.

    I can’t help feeling that the ethos outlined in the last paragraph might be slightly idealistic. I get that it’s well meant, though!


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