Can you support author Katrina Mountfort @curlykats with her Kindle Scout bid?

Author Katrina Mountford is hoping for your support with her Kindle Scout campaign.

Katrina Mountfort

Please vote for the Lost Corner on Kindle Scout

As a long-time follower of this blog and recipient of a previous book review, I’m very grateful to Rosie for giving me this chance to promote my Kindle Scout campaign. The novel I’m promoting, The Lost Corner, is a departure from my previous novels, Future Perfect, Forbidden Alliance and Freedom’s Prisoners, which are published by Elsewhen Press, a small independent publisher of speculative fiction. It’s a twisty thriller with a dollop of romance. I’d very much appreciate it if you check it out here:

If you vote for it and it succeeds, you’ll receive a free copy of the book as a thank you!

About the Lost Corner

Eve has left her cheating husband and returned to her Norfolk roots to rebuild her life. But in a village of dark secrets, will she find more questions than answers?

Will enigmatic artist Lucas ever recover from the death of his wife eighteen years earlier?

What happened to troubled Justine’s mother, who disappeared around the same time?

Why is charismatic local MP Sebastian being so friendly to Eve?

Is Eve’s involvement with the villagers a way of avoiding facing up t her own family tragedies?

And did Eve really bring Black Shuck, the legendary dog whose appearance predicts death, to the village?


About me

I was born in Leeds, and although I always wanted to write, fell in love with science at school, which led to a Biochemistry degree. Since then, I’ve had a varied career. My philosophy of life is that we only regret the things we don’t try, and I’ve been a homeopath, forensic science researcher and currently work as a freelance medical writer. After spending many years in exile in the South-East, I’ve now returned to my beloved Yorkshire and live in York with my husband and two Labradors. When I hit forty, I decided it was time to fulfil my childhood dream of writing a novel, and Future Perfect was published 10 years later. When I’m not writing, I enjoy music festivals, walking with my dogs, travel, and curling up with a book and a glass of wine.

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