2017 Kindness Challenge #RevOfKindness Week #3 Self-acceptance @NikiMeadowsWA

The 2017 Kindness Challenge has been created by Niki Meadows

Week #3 is all about self-acceptance

What is self-acceptance?

Selfacceptance is an individual’s satisfaction or happiness with oneself, and is thought to be necessary for good mental health. Selfacceptance involves self-understanding and an awareness of one’s strengths and weaknesses.

Next I read this article from selfesteem.com


My thoughts turned to water this week and the flow of a river (even before I read Niki’s weekly prompt exercise- see below), often used as a comparison for life when people are struggling. We say “we are going against the flow”, or “swimming upstream”. I searched for examples of this in my life, and thought back to how I felt at the time, looking for pointers as to how I had made it to that situation. I thought of who or what I had listened to, and questioned if I thought the situation might have changed, had I waited and listened to my inner voice.

A few years ago I had a very painful experience. I listened to others, who I believed knew more about the industry I work in, than myself. I didn’t question the opinions of the others and I made a move which caused me some very serious problems. It left me very angry and hurt and took a LONG time before I could consider forgiving, releasing and accepting what had happened. I now realise, what I could have done, was watched, waiting and listened to my inner voice. I now have the mental tools to stop and ask “Is this right for me? How does it feel?” – So, what did I learn? I learnt to believe that I am wise, there will be times when I will be tested, it will be for a reason; finally, what is right for me, may not be so for others in this journey of life.

One area I feel really comfortable in, is my book world, I love losing myself in a book and I love sharing great reads with others. I enjoy conversations about books and meeting others in the industry. In this world I look forward to learning new skills and evolving what I do and who I am. This is where I always feel I belong, this is where my river flows strongly.

I’ve looked at words which will help me become more accepting; Approve and Encourage are my words this week.

Niki’s Self-Acceptance Exercise-

Create a list of all of the ways you feel you’re swimming upstream in relation to self-acceptance. All of the ways you try to live up to this idea of who you’re “supposed” to be (what you should do, look like, etc) rather than going with the flow of who you are. Next, list all of the things it’s costing you to live trying to be who you’re “supposed” to be (for example it might cost you peace of mind). Lastly, make a list of the things you’re no longer willing to be or do that aren’t in alignment with who you are. As we move forward with the challenge, I encourage you to take steps each day that support you in your journey of self-acceptance.

Another option is to list your values, passions, character traits, and things that feel within your nature to do. With this as your guide, list the things you do that don’t fit in your nature. Are they things you struggle with? Things you don’t enjoy? Journal why you find yourself doing or trying to be someone outside of who you are at heart. Also, journal about the areas you feel free to be authentic in and describe what it feels like and how you can practice this in other areas of your life. I encourage you to keep your guide in a place you can easily refer back to it so you can regularly check in with yourself to see if your daily choices are in alignment with your authentic self.

If you can think of a different exercise to incorporate, feel free to do so. ❤

Currently, I’m reading a book written by Niki


Book Description

After overcoming a long battle with depression, Niki Meadows was inspired to share how she did it. In this book, Meadows provides readers with a blueprint they can customize to build a life they love. This isn’t a quick fix in fact, it took Meadows two years to complete the process detailed. At the time it wasn’t a process at all, Meadows was just trying to do everything she could to overcome depression. It wasn’t until several years later that she was able to identify the key steps she took to climb out of rock bottom. If this can better equip one person to fight their battle, it’s completed its intention.

Having overcome depression, healed the relationship with herself, and continually cultivated her self-love, Meadows now works with women as a Worthiness and Authenticity Coach to help them do the same. Today, people that meet her can’t believe she fought such a hard battle with depression in the past. Meadows is very open about her struggle and seeks to encourage and empower those looking for support to conquer their own battle.

Whether this is the book for you or not, I encourage you to seek the path that best supports you on your journey.

Goodreads | AmazonUK | AmazonUS

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  1. Thanks, Rosie. A great post and thanks for sharing your thoughts. Great exercise too. Have a fabulous Sunday (I also feel at home in the world of books, at least reading and reviewing them! )

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  2. I’m floating on my back now…don’t know where the current will take me, but I plan to “go with the flow.” No more swimming upstream for me! Great post, Rosie. 🙂

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  3. This is such a thoughtful post. And the understanding that you’ve come to – that you are your own best guide is such a big one. And just like you’re own knowing, I Approve and Encourage as well. 🙂

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  4. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us, Rosie. While painful, you were able to learn such a valuable lesson! I’m so glad that you were able to recognize your inner wisdom! ❤

    Aww thank you for mentioning my book, I wasn't expecting that. Thank you for taking part in the challenge. Although the self-kindness portion is over, I wish you all you need to support you on that part of your journey because it never ends does it? Sending you lots of love, Rosie! ❤


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