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Destiny (Forever, #2)Destiny by India R. Adams
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Four Point Five Stars

Destiny is book #2 in the ‘Forever’ series of romantic fantasies. It continues the story of Serenity, a young woman who suffered abuse when growing up, but is now surrounded by a group of dedicated protectors.

This group is led by her devoted husband Dereck, who is a football player and, more recently, a budding musician. Near the end of book #1, Dereck and Serenity met country singer Destiny at a concert, and immediately there was a connection for them both.

In this book, we are taken along on the road as Destiny and Dereck tour with the band. Serenity joins them and explores her growing relationship with Destiny in moments of quiet. I thought the atmosphere and camaraderie on the tour bus and at concert locations was very well written, giving the characters depth and a clear image for the reader.

Under all the fun and singing, a dark layer exists. Serenity’s abusive father will soon be released from jail and Dereck will do all he can to protect her, while Destiny’s husband, Sawyer, joins forces with the male band members to protect Destiny from threats she is receiving.

Once again India Adams has written a great book filled with characters you fall in love with, while finding yourself deeply engrossed in the storyline. The music industry element is a large part of this book, but doesn’t overpower the main themes of the series, such as abusive relationships.

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Book Description

“Serenity”—Dereck kisses me as he gently lays me back on our bed, moving his body over mine—“if I fail, if I lose you, will I see you”—he chokes on the painful words—“again?”
My throat tightens, fully understanding his fears. He has lost me in every lifetime I can remember. I softly reply with my open heart, “Dereck, you will see me in the future, the present, the past. For everything, including you and me, is as one.”

The phenomenal connection between Serenity and country music star Destiny Crowe cannot be denied. But will they have the chance to learn what this connection is about when dealing with unexplained interferences? Can they handle the pressure, discovering more about who and what they are? Because the more the two women are together, the more things start happening, for better and worse.

The brighter they shine, the more they are seen.
The more they are seen, the more other energies notice… and try to interfere with fate.

In this second novel of the Forever series, destiny will be tested, darkness will be tempted, and love will show its truest form.

About the author

India R. Adams

India R. Adams is an author/singer/songwriter who has written YA and NA novels, and the music for the Forever series.

To talk with India, you can join her Goodreads group Empowering Perfect Imperfections:…

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Being a survivor of abuse, has inspired India to let others know they have nothing to be ashamed of. She put her many years of professional theater background to the test and has written fictional stories with a shadow of her personal experiences. She says, “I’m simply finding ways to empower perfect imperfections.”

Another cause India feels needs change, is Sexual Slavery. She has joined forces with jewelers to design beautiful ways to raise money for non-profit organizations.

Even though India writes about serious subjects such as domestic violence, sexual abuse, and Human Trafficking, she has a magnificent sense of humor, as do the characters she creates. Perfectly balanced between laughter and tears, her readers see how to empower their own perfect imperfections.

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