The Case Of The Screaming Beauty by @alisonjgolden cosy British police murder #Mystery

The Case of the Screaming Beauty (Inspector David Graham #1)The Case of the Screaming Beauty by Alison Golden
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The Case Of The Screaming Beauty is a quick read cosy mystery, set in Chiddlinghurst, England. The Lavender Inn Bed and Breakfast receives five star reviews and guests compliment the owners on their beautiful gardens.

One Sunday morning owner Amelia Swansbourne is tending her gardens when she hears a loud scream from one of her guest rooms. She rushes to the scene, but Norah Travis is perfectly well. However, the next morning her body is found in the bathroom by the housekeeper.

Old school Detective Inspector Graham is called in. Together with Sergeant Harris they question owners Amelia and Cliff, Doris the housekeeper and the only other guest, journalist Tim Lloyd. In a relaxed, methodical piecing together of evidence, the murder weapon is deduced, then found, but what was the motive behind the killing?

It takes a good nose to solve a murder, but the Inspector is the right man, with the help from the forensic lab, a bright young student and an ability to see matters from a different angle.

The charm of this murder mystery is the characters—their inside jokes, mannerisms and the relaxed, British, stoic determination to sniff out the truth. Ideal for fans of old fashioned “whodunnit” books, this is book #1 of The Inspector Graham series.

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Book Description

The prestigious Lavender Bed and Breakfast in Chiddlinghurst, England has a rich, Tudor atmosphere, an enviously manicured lawn… And a deadly problem. 
A young, beautiful woman, Norah Travis, has been found murdered in one of the rooms with no witnesses and seemingly no motive. Detective Inspector Graham, a man with a singular drive, a penchant for tea, and silent demons of his own, has been brought in to ferret out the perpetrator. Joining Sergeant Harris at the sprawling estate, the duo set their caps to solving a mystery that leaves them frustrated. 

It’s a “whodunit” of crafty design with suspects on all sides and nothing clear cut. The proprietors, Amelia and Cliff, have jokes to share and almost nothing to hide, while their long time guest, Tim, seems shiftier. There is an ex-husband, a housekeeper, an old man, and questions galore. But who could it be? It’s a conundrum. 

About the author

Alison Golden

Alison Golden was born and raised in Bedfordshire, England. She writes cozy mysteries and suspense novels, along with the occasional witty blog post, all of which are designed to entertain, amuse, and calm. Her approach is to combine creative ideas with excellent writing and edit, edit, edit. 

She is the creator of the Reverend Annabelle Dixon cozy mysteries, a charming, fun series featuring a female vicar ministering in the beautiful county of Cornwall, England. She also produces a Jersey-based detective series featuring Inspector David Graham and the Diana Hunter series, set in Vancouver. 

Her books’ themes range from the humorous and sweet to harder hitting suspense. They are recommended for readers who like to relax and unwind with their books, who enjoy getting to know the characters, and who prefer the tougher side of life implied.

She is based in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and twin sons. She splits her time traveling between London and San Francisco.

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