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Bound: A Doyle Witch Cozy Mystery (The Witches of Doyle Book 1)Today I’m reviewing all three books of this trilogy.

Bound: A Doyle Witch Cozy Mystery by Kirsten Weiss
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Bound is book #1 of The Witches of Doyle cosy paranormal mysteries. Doyle is an old mining town in California in the Sierra mountains.

Karin, Jayce and Lenore are triplets and witches who each practice a different form of magic, book #1 is Karin’s story. Their aunt Ellen is in hospital in the last stages of cancer, returning to Jayce’s home over her coffee shop Jayce and Karin discover the body of the local newspaper editor. Jayce is taken to the police station for questioning and employs lawyer Nick Heathcoat.

Strange things are happening in Doyle, a missing women comes out of the forest, a homeless man becomes victim number two and when visiting the local fairy spring Karin and Nick are nearly drowned.

In Ellen’s last days she talks to the girls about their magic and why she protected them, she warns them that there’s change coming to Doyle and they must find the rose rabbit, but Karin can find no mention of a rose rabbit in any of her searches.

Suspicion for the murders keeps returning to Jayce unless Karin can help solve the mystery and help her sister.

I liked the idea of a trilogy with the three witches,before I opened the book, I was reminded how much I enjoyed Nora Robert’s Three Sisters Island Trilogy. Kirsten Weiss’s trilogy is very much cosy with a thin vein of romance. Although I enjoyed the book and will go on to read the others, there were a couple of times I wasn’t convinced by the plot. One example where I believed Kirsten was leading Nick to the Fairy Spring, she then had a moment of watching his back which shouldn’t have been possible. Good for those who like kitchen witchcraft and a cosy mystery.

Book description

Bound by magic, bound by love, bound by murder… 

The Bonheim triplets live seemingly ordinary lives, hiding their magic from the neighbors in the small, mountain town of Doyle, California. But when a body is found in big sister Jayce’s coffee shop, Karin, the practical one, is determined to prove Jayce innocent. 
A murder isn’t the only bizarre event in Doyle. Why are hikers vanishing in the nearby woods? Why are some people cursed with bad luck and others with good? And why is Karin’s magic the weakest of the three sisters’? 

As Karin digs deep to uncover the truth and regain her magic, her family is thrown into peril. Will her power return too late to save the people she loves the most, or will it be the cause of disaster? 
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Ground: A Doyle Witch Cozy Mystery (The Witches of Doyle Book 2)Ground: A Doyle Witch Cozy Mystery by Kirsten Weiss
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ground is book #2 in The Witches of Doyle cosy paranormal mysteries. They are set in the town of Doyle in the Sierra mountains of California.

Book #2 is Jayce’s story, she is the oldest of the Bonheim triplet witches. Jayce owns a coffee shop called Ground. Whilst at a country pub one Friday night her truck is stolen. It turns up the next day with a dead body in the back.

Once again Jayce is a suspect. The body is of Matt Zana a local handyman. While the police begin a methodical inquiry, Jayce and her family believe it is once again the work of the Unseelie or Fairy from the Fairy Spring influencing the inhabitants of Doyle.

Jayce is determined to solve the mystery behind Matt herself, she discovers he was a bit of a player and more than one person in town was being blackmailed by him. A second body is found and the attacks keep coming. The girls need to close in on the Unseelie and find the rose rabbit who they think will help them with to put an end to the bad luck in Doyle.

Another solid kitchen witch cosy, and a big ending to carry over to book #3.

Book Description

Her magic flows from the earth… 
Jayce Bonheim is on the sheriff’s radar and not in a good way. 
Always the reckless one of her triplet sisters, Jayce is trying to turn over a new leaf. No more wild partying. No more one night stands. But when someone leaves a dead body in her pickup truck, her resolve to become the sensible sister is sorely tested. 
Caught in a web of love, murder, and magic, Jayce must clear her name and discover who is behind the curse that holds her family and town in thrall. 

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Down: A Doyle Witch Cozy Mystery (The Witches of Doyle Book 3)Down: A Doyle Witch Cozy Mystery by Kirsten Weiss
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Down is book #3 and the concluding part of The Witches of Doyle trilogy. This book is Lenore’s story and her role in finding the rose rabbit and putting an end to the hold that the fairy Belle has over the town of Doyle.

Lenore works in the town bookstore, but when her boss is murdered, Lenore is suspicious. She’s soon contacted by Mr Pivens an executor of Mike’s will and told that he left her the shop and his rare books collection. Lenore knew nothing of the rare books and is soon being hounded by a shady dealer about a possible valuable book.

With her sister Karin pregnant time is also running out to solve the fairy mystery hanging over Doyle and the family curse. The rose rabbit is the key if only they can find out who it is. Perhaps the many ghosts which Lenore can see can help her?

Everyone is looking for answers, the FBI were called in when twenty two people and a pub went missing, Alba Pollard, schizophrenic resident is hounding the town and Lenore’s list of suspects is long.

Lots happens in this cosy mystery ending of the trilogy, the three sisters must pull all their magical powers together to break the hold over Doyle and save the town and its townsfolk.

A pretty good paranormal mystery trilogy, one to sit by the fireside and enjoy.

Book Description

The answers lie below… 
A shamanic witch and a poet, Lenore Bonheim hides in the world of books to escape reality, which for her includes seeing ghosts and forecasting death. But when her employer and friend dies under suspicious circumstances, she must use all her skills – magical and mundane – to find the killer and save her two sisters and her town. 
As the three sisters pull together to stave off a growing menace, Lenore must discover what it means to be in this world and of it. 

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