New Year. New You. Motivate Me Week 2 – Power Words for 2017 with @ShelleyWilson72 #wwwblogs

New Year. New You.


Let Shelley Wilson help you stick to your New Year’s Resolutions.


Week 1 – Reviewing 2016 and looking forward to 2017

Week Two: Motivational Guest Post – What’s Your Power Word of the Year?

Last week we looked at reviewing the past twelve months and performing a closing down ceremony. For this week’s guest post I’m sharing my love of power words and the benefits they hold.

I love working out my power word for a new year, and I have a small notebook dedicated entirely to my power words where I write everything that’s associated with a particular word. My obsession with power word doodles came about after stumbling across a blog called Seaweed Kisses. The author is Michelle, who shares her passion for journaling. She reveals her best journaling tips and offers sneak peeks into her diaries, as well as highlighting daybooks from people across the world. One of her guests was Jose from Spain who created a journal so breathtaking it wouldn’t have looked out of place on a Hollywood set (think Crusade Diary from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, 1989). After seeing this post, I bought a beautiful leather bound booklet (it’s about 17cm x 12cm) with a Tiger’s Eye crystal embedded into the cover and hand-made paper inserts. Using a double-page spread, I write my power word and then decorate the pages using my assortment of coloured pens. I note down my thoughts, feelings, and quotes associated with the word I’ve chosen.

For example, on my Happiness page, I have a doodle of books (reading makes me euphoric!), a list of what brings me happiness such as my children, my home, and my cat. I also have a few quotes including ‘happiness is letting go of what you think your life is supposed to look like and celebrating it for everything that it is.’

You don’t have to go to these extremes when a simple post-it note suffices, but I quite enjoy spending half an hour creating my power word page at the start of a year. It helps to cement my intentions for what I’m going to achieve.

In short, a power word is just a way of setting your intentions for the project/s you are planning. It doesn’t have to be just one word; you might prefer to work with a quote instead. Write your word in bold letters on a post-it note and pin it to your notice board above your desk. I also like to jot it into my journal, so I see it regularly.

It might sound silly, to think that one word can help motivate you to achieve success but it truly can. Stay open to every possibility. For 2017, my power word is ‘Strength’. It resonates with every area of my life – strong health, strong connections, cultivating my inner strength, and mental strength, building strong business objectives, and sales. Suddenly it becomes more than just a word.

Think about the power word you would like to use for the year ahead; perhaps it’s ‘Motivation’, ‘Success’, or something more unique to you. Pop it on a post-it note, or write it in your journal, or perhaps you could add it to the comments and share your power word with Rosie’s community.


My Power Word is: ________________________________________


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20 thoughts on “New Year. New You. Motivate Me Week 2 – Power Words for 2017 with @ShelleyWilson72 #wwwblogs

  1. Red socks go with anything, does two things for me. One, makes me laugh because I love them. And two, it reminds me of the words that empower me. Strength is one of them. The Dudley sisters (characters in my novels) have strength in spades. Just writing this message makes me feel strong. Love the blog post. Love the blog. BTW It’s a great book title. xx

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    • Ha ha, I do exactly the same! I’ve got a shelf of ‘best’ notebooks and then my journals! I chose the Tiger’s Eye notebook with my power word idea in mind so at least it got written in! 😉


  2. Me too, I have cheapo journals I write in and beautiful ones to drool over. Though I keep a special one, covered in suede for my poetry, maybe I like to keep the feelings warm! Great stuff Shelley … I’m still laughing about ‘back fat’ from the last blog about your book! X

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  3. Am I allowed a phrase? It would be: ‘move away from the computer, ma’am.’ (said in voice of an American cop). I spend too long writing without a break and suffer the consequences. Great blog – thanks for sharing.

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  4. It’s not silly at all. I love power words (focus words, whatever). They are wonderful tools to motivate, create intention, help focus the mind… Mine this year is “accept”. I recently wrote about it. Great post. 💖

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