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What I love about dublinWhat I love about dublin by Amanda Laneley
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What I Love About Dublin is a HEA ending romance. Twenty something Sara has come to Dublin for five months to teach Spanish. She’s leaving behind a broken heart in Chile when she broke up with her ex after they wanted different things from their relationship.

Her contact at the University gives her an address for a flat share but her new start is shaky when she’s told they are only taking boys for flatmates. With no where else to go it’s up to Sara to try to win round Daniel. Daniel wants to adhere to the “no girls” rule but struggles with his attraction for Sara and their common love of travel. There follows a tempestuous on / off relationship between the couple, fortunately ending in a HEA finale.

This is a dialogue lead story, relying on the dialogue to move the storyline forward, for this reason it is slow paced and takes away the delight of the setting. There are some good secondary characters which support the two main characters and add some interest to the story.

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Book Description

Let’s suppose you are a heartbroken woman trying to get over the pain of a failed relationship. You’ve always wanted to see the world. What do you do? Perhaps you would do what Sarah does: travel alone to Dublin and leave your worries behind. She wants to start from scratch, to forget about it all; to enjoy the lush green countryside, the Celtic music, the famous pubs. However, her life turns upside down when she finds herself living under the same roof as Daniel, a handsome yet stubborn Irishman. 
Both Daniel and Sarah have their reasons for not falling in love, but love has other plans. 
Things become more complicated because love affairs are prohibited between housemates. This is an unbreakable rule that also applies to the three other residents: a shameless womanizer, an absent-minded musician and a new female best friend, intrusive and meddling. It’s a fun and exciting intercultural household for Sarah to adapt to! And as if that wasn’t enough, she also has to deal with Daniel’s heated misunderstandings, with an insistent ex-boyfriend and some compromising situations with a very sexy Frenchman.
This is a new life in Dublin and there is certainly a lot to love!

About the author

Amanda Laneley

Amanda Laneley is passionate about writing and exploring the world. She has traveled through five continents, collecting anecdotes and stories that she turns into novels.
She loves the movies of Meg Ryan and the novels of Jane Austen. She adores learning and thinks that there aren’t enough hours in the day to do it. She loves to dance, laugh and share a beer with good friends.
She was a professor, entrepreneur and hypnotic therapist before devoting herself to writing.

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  1. Interesting. I usually find that dialogue moves a story along quicker than a lot of narration/exposition–but if the setting suffers, then something is “missing.” The cover is lovely…and, of course, a happy ending is always welcome. 🙂


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