Stepping Out From Behind the blogging computer #wwwblogs

Stepping out from behind the blogging computer

Our group

Our group

What does it take to dig a book blogger out from behind their computer? About as much effort as it does to dig out an author!

In a bid to step out of my book reviewing bubble, I’ve been pushing myself to go out and meet new bloggers and authors, and I’ve been inviting along several others, too.

Our latest road trip was to Leicester to meet with the ladies from the Romantic Novelists’ Association (RNA). Joining them at their monthly meeting in the Belmont Hotel, we were made to feel very welcome by Lizzie Lamb and our hosts. From my book review team came: Terry Tyler, Cathy Ryan and Shelley Wilson, and Terry’s sister Julia (Proofreader Julia) asked if she could come too. We also managed to get Georgia Rose and Mark Barry to meet us in the afternoon.

Speaking to people face to face that you’ve only met virtually is wonderful, and being able to talk about all things bookish is even greater; it gives a depth to your friendship. Yes, it’s networking, but it doesn’t feel like work when you’re having fun.

There were five of us who stayed the night, but even twenty four hours wasn’t long enough to talk about all the books in the world, so we’ll be planning another trip soon. I have ambitions for 2017, perhaps, to head to Wales and the North East, plus have a meet up closer to home in the South or London.

Big thanks to Terry for the photos, you can read her own post about our trip here do click through it is a brilliant post.

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33 thoughts on “Stepping Out From Behind the blogging computer #wwwblogs

  1. A great Belmont Belles’ meeting, the last of 2016, Rosie, thanks to you and your band of bloggers. Lovely to meet you all, and please drop by again sometime. I was sorry to have to leave early. Fab photos, Terry. The ones of me actually show me relaxed and having fun, as opposed to ‘Oh gawd, I’m having my photo taken’, – rictus grimace


  2. I was so disappointed not to be able to join you … next time for sure as it looks like you had an amazing time 😀


  3. Hi Rosie – looks and sounds like you all had great fun … and will then enjoy the next time – soon I expect … cheers Hilary


  4. Somehow, I missed this blog post Rosie. Doh – and very sorry. It’s been a bit mad here (so, what’s new?). I can’t express to you how thrilled the Belmont Belles were to meet you all ‘in the flesh’ for the first time. You are all such great bloggers and I hope we have taken a step towards becoming friends off the page as well as on. Now we know how it works, it would be great to have dinner with you next time (I hope there is a next time), and further the bond between us all. LIzzie xx


  5. Ahhhh what lovely photos with so many people I recognise it’s so so lovely to see so many people getting together. This is what I love about blogging. The love and the friendships and the connections 💖


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