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The Visitor  by Tony Harmsworth
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Three point Five stars

The Visitor is a SciFi tale and begins in 2025 with astronaut Evelyn Slater heading up in a Soyuz shuttle to the International Space Station which orbits Earth. Her role will be to investigate space debris using a ship called a Scaffy Wagon. Much of the debris will be parts of broken spaceships which she can nudge into the gravitational pull of earth and they will burn up upon entry into the atmosphere.

However they soon discover that one item is like nothing they’ve seen before. A broken piece of Alien technology. A research lab is built to study the item and Evelyn finds herself heading up the secret mission.

Forced to return to Earth, Evelyn is given a job as Director at Goonhilly in Cornwall, she heads up a team of specialists, who try to solve the mystery of the alien object and learn all they can from it. Two new developments throw Evelyn into the public limelight, firstly a second alien object and the decision by world leaders to make the discoveries public knowledge.

Emotions about the project run high and Evelyn is endangered and left in a coma. The second alien object is intact and teams of scientists work round the clock to interact with it. How will the people of Earth respond when the Alien comes down to Earth for a visit?

There is a really good storyline in here, the descriptions about space are fascinating, some very in-depth, and I liked the idea of fully robotic cars on our roads. It needs a bit more work in some areas; where there are some character and information dumps and sometimes the amount of dialogue slows the pace of the story, the use of another edit would take this book to the next level.

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