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The Path of SilenceThe Path of Silence by Edita A. Petrick
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Path Of Silence is a police crime mystery set in Baltimore. Meg Stanton is a single mother and a cold case homicide cop. The book opens with a late night stop at a 7-Eleven for Meg and her partner, when they return to their car they find it covered by a body with an exploded chest.

The victim has 10 different fake ID’s on him and has been a missing person for the last 4 years. Cause of death – an exploding pace-maker. A second victim explodes in the private hotel room of a top US banker and Meg is forced to face a man she’s been hiding from for ten years. Meg and Ken soon find themselves on the path of a serial killer who can inflict death at the flick of a switch.

When the FBI are called in to help solve the case Meg’s home-life starts to collapse, the man who walked out of her life, now faces her across a briefing room. Forcing herself to focus on the job, they chase a possible money laundering ring with fingers deep in political circles.

This book has a good opening setting and a well paced story follows, I liked Meg and her feisty approach, this book touches on family relationships and there’s a chance of romance too. A few red herrings and twists lead to the identity of the cold blooded killer.

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