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Humorous and feel good contemporary women’s fiction.

Kate is a busy, young mother. Her daughter, Millie, takes up all her time and energy. She neglects her own need and her husband’s too. Alex feels ignored and unloved by his wife, so he falls into the arms of a colleague and leaves a devastated Kate, without any type of explanation.

As her life falls to pieces, Kate spends most of the novel figuring out why he left, because her only aim is to get him back, in spite of the reason and the way in which he left. She has the help of Google’s search engine for suggestions, as well as her friend Fiona and her mother’s advice. Kate gradually gets her life back on track thanks to their support, her salsa classes, and Josh, her salsa partner.

Fortunately, Kate meets Josh, another, more mature type of man. We’ve all come across immature and selfish men like Alex and sensitive and understanding men like Josh, although both extremes did seem at times a little stereotyped.

Kate eventually realises she needs to take charge of her life, get a job, ask her mother for help and support with Millie, and stand on her own two feet before she can decide what she really wants out of life. Does she want her husband back, does she need to move forward into another relationship, or does she need to get on with her life on her own?

Kate’s story is narrated in the third person, mostly from her point of view. It’s told with a great deal of humour and feeling. It’s a well written, easy and quick to read. I’m sure most women can relate to Kate and her predicament. I enjoyed reading this novel very much. It was mostly funny and poignant a times. The ending is satisfactory and hopeful, although the best part of the conclusion is Kate’s own journey to empowerment and self-discovery.

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  1. Catchy title, I’ll say that! Not an original theme, but the story will appeal to readers of contemporary romance. Pinned & shared.


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