WORLD OF BRITANNIA by Richard Denham & MJ Trow @britanniaseries #NonFiction

World of Britannia: Historical Companion to the BRITANNIA SeriesWorld of Britannia: Historical Companion to the BRITANNIA Series by Richard Denham
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World Of Britannia is a non-fiction companion book to the Roman Britain historical fiction series called Britannia. I would recommend having this along side as you read the Books in the Britannia series, in order, as this will provide details like maps, place names and character information to secure the plot lines firmly in the readers mind.

This book takes you through timelines, locations, Roman buildings, Gods and more about how the Roman Britain interacted with the local people and shaped the future.

I was particularly interested in the parts which were local to where I live. I’ve been to the Roman remains at Silchester several times and once during Reading University’s summer archaeological dig, and I accompanied a school on a trip to Fishbourne Roman Palace which I think I found more interesting than the children.

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2 thoughts on “WORLD OF BRITANNIA by Richard Denham & MJ Trow @britanniaseries #NonFiction

  1. Hi Rosie – what a wonderful book and series to have to hand … definitely going on my list. I can quite believe the kids didn’t find Fishbourne that interesting … but history comes on us at some stage. I expect one or two will remember their experience and utilise it later in life …

    Great experience you’ve had … I enjoy the archaeology I’ve been experiencing around Eastbourne … cheers Hilary


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