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Pop TravelPop Travel by Tara Tyler
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Pop Travel is a light SciFi set in 2080 mainly in Georgia. The book opens two years earlier with an introduction to “Pop Travel”, a form of laser teleportation, and an unfortunate accident for one traveler.

We next meet PI Cooper, he is contacted by a nervous and shady character wanting him to take on the search for a missing fiancee. Aleesa disappeared one day and Phisner believes that Pop Travel was to blame, but all lines on inquiry have been shut down.

Conscious that everywhere you go security cameras watch you, computers and communication are also all tapped, Cooper begins investigating. He soon hits the radar of the FBI with his search terms and they are hot on his trail when he is offered copies of unofficial tapes from other Pop Travel “incidents”.

Cooper believes he must speak to the Pop Travel creator Hasan Rakhi, but he is heavily guarded. Using his brother’s political power he manages an invite to the creators home, but to get there he must himself “pop” something he’s always avoided at all costs. The FBI send in their agents to infiltrate Copper’s plans and take him out if necessary. Will he be able to get to the bottom of all the secrecy or will he be taken down?

I really liked the start of this book and the premise of Pop Travel for the future was very plausible. As the book proceeded the number of characters introduced became exhausting and I question if they were all really necessary. A romance for Cooper didn’t quite work for me, and the action chase scenes at the end belonged more to a Bond movie than the SciFi setting the book opened with when electric cars were made quite a point of.

A light fun read but possible not for die hard SciFi fans.

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