13 Books I reviewed during #AugustReviews month #wwwblogs

August was a busy month campaigning for more readers to write a review on Amazon

The support for this campaign was amazing, thank you to everyone who promoted, blogged, tweeted and posted those reviews you know who you are, take a bow.

Do keep posting reviews now that many of you have caught up and remembered how important they are to both authors and readers.

I’m not going to lecture you any more.

Here are the book covers of the 13 books I read and reviewed during August.

13 books


14 thoughts on “13 Books I reviewed during #AugustReviews month #wwwblogs

  1. A brilliant initiative, Rosie, and one that both encouraged & supported. Thank you for all your helpful posts on reviews and well done on highlighting the subject! 🙂 X


  2. Bravo, Rosie! I managed to write two reviews–but then, I average reading one book every three weeks. Would that I could read more!

    Enjoyed and shared all of your posts on the topic, as well as your reviews, 🙂


    • If your reading group is like a book club, I’m just putting together a resource for book clubs, where they can discover lesser known 5* rated books and I’m hoping to offer contact opportunities for readers to ask the authors question.

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      • Yes, it is a book club but it’s linked to the local library and all our books come via the library. However, I would be interested in finding out more about what you’re doing even if my particular group can’t take advantage of it. Best wishes.


  3. Fantastic job, Rosie, and I’m SO proud to have been one of your selections. What great company I’m keeping. 😀 Really enjoyed the month, even though I only got 2 reviews done. Still, I’ve got Bookin’ It activated again, and planning to do more, so it was a good impetus. THANKS!!


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