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The Sisters of St. CroixThe Sisters of St. Croix by Diney Costeloe
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Three Point Five Stars.

The Sisters Of St. Croix is a WW2 historical fiction with the main body of the book set around the convent of St Croix based near the Somme area of France. The first three chapters serve as an introduction to Adelaide Anson-Gravetty and the lead up to her place in the war effort.

Chapter four introduces us to the plight of French families as they try to flee the German occupation and the particular tale of three orphaned Jewish children, taken in by the Nuns of St Croix.

It is during the war that Adelaide is trained as a spy, given the role of organising escape routes for pilots shot down over France. She is dropped into France and sent to the St Croix area given her link to the Convent. However it is a Jewish family that Adelaide ends up trying to rescue and keep hidden from the Germans.

I enjoyed the parts of the book dealing with the resistance and the secrecy and danger involved with moving people around France under the noses of the enemy and the roles of Reverend Mother and some of the Sisters was well written. Other areas of the book didn’t work so well for me, for instance time spent on parts which added little to the story-line, dialogue sections which weren’t always necessary, repetition of events and conversations. The opening scenes added little to the story-line and the ending was rushed with a neat and tidy epilogue which I wasn’t sure was necessary.

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