Let’s Talk About #Bookreviews Day 5 A Book Community

This August I’ve been helping support “Write a book review on Amazon” month. We’ve been encouraging readers to post a book review then, tweet the URL to the Amazon review on Twitter and use the Hashtag #AugustReviews Terry Tyler has been busy collating the review links and posting them in her Hall Of Fame  – catch up with them here  http://terrytyler59.blogspot.co.uk/


My Book Community

Book Reviewing and reading is a big part of my life, a full time hobby, I do it because I love reading and it’s completely non paid work.

Over the years I’ve set up a book review team, where we offer the opportunity for multiple reviews for a book from one place, we’ll post to Goodreads, Amazon, reviewer’s blogs and I get a copy of each review to post on my own blog. This way a book and its author get a wide exposure opportunity. Posts get shared by other reviewers and we use #RBRT (Rosie’s Book Review team) on Twitter. More details here http://wp.me/P2Eu3u-5qu

Rosie's Book Review team 1

If you’d like to join our team, do send me a note via the contact above, to prevent the muddy waters of review swaps, we no longer review team member’s own books, but have an extensive list of sites where a member can ask for a review of their own work.

We’ve also set up the #TuesdayBookBlog Hashtag on Twitter where we support book related blog posts for the book community on a Tuesday, we encourage people to use the Hashtag and more importantly to re-tweet and share posts. The power of Twitter is in the capacity to spread far and wide measured in impressions and engagements. It’s not just our Hashtag, we encourage anyone who blogs about books to use it on a Tuesday, it has been running since November 2015 and trends on Twitter at some point most Tuesdays. Guidelines for its use can be found here http://wp.me/P2Eu3u-86n

RBRT (1)

My next project.

Ever conscious of linking readers to authors I want to get working with book clubs, both online and off line. I feel I have access to a wide range of books and authors, many of them from the indie/ self-publishing platforms that need all the publicity they can get. I want to encourage book clubs to post book reviews either as individuals or as a club.

Some readers already belong to book clubs which meet in their communities and I’d like to get them reading more indies, trying a wider range of genres, posting more book reviews and perhaps helping set up Q&A’s with the authors about their book.

Other people might like to join an on-line book club again where there is some access to the actual book author and I’m looking at how I can make it work. If you have any comments about this project do leave a reply below or contact me via the form in the header above.

If you’ve enjoyed this series of posts, do feel free to have a rummage around the rest of the blog, we’ve also got easy to use book review templates here to help start you off on book reviewing http://wp.me/P2Eu3u-7Lq

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There’s still time to join the #AugustReviews campaign.
1) Write a review for a book you’ve read,
2) Post it on Amazon,
3) Tweet the URL of the Amazon review and add #AugustReviews and @TerryTyler4
4) Not on Twitter? No Problem, send me the link using the contact form above and I’ll send it on to Terry, she’ll get it up on her Halls of Fame.

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