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Finding Hunter: Riverbend Book 2Finding Hunter: Riverbend Book 2 by Marcia Meara
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Four point Five Stars.

Finding Hunter is book #2 of The Riverbend series and is also a stand alone book, I would class it as a romantic mystery, whereas book #1 was definitely a romantic suspense.

In this book shy Hunter Painter plucks up the courage to phone Willow Greene, the only love in his life and a secret love he has been harbouring for many years. Willow too has been keeping secret her feelings for Hunter and when they agree to lunch their feelings for each other ignite. But Hunter is so afraid he rushes home.

Determined not to lose Hunter, Willow confronts him and they allow their love to flow. But Hunter is a complex man, with many deep layers of concerns. One of those is his parents, Hunter’s stayed at home while his brothers left, to help look after Lizzie, who suffers out-bursts and probably a form of dementia, but she’s never been diagnosed. Big Jack Hunter has always vowed he’d take care of Lizzie and denies there is anything seriously wrong with her.

When a serious family tragedy occurs, Hunter breaks down, then goes missing and Willow is left fighting her own heart-break. She never gives up her belief that Hunter will come back.

This is an emotional read, dealing with anxiety disorder, PTSD, separation disorder and more, I think it will touch a nerve with many readers who will know someone who has suffered even the mildest of panic attacks, that they may sympathise with Hunter. Maricia’s love of animals and the Florida riverways and plant life shines through this book, with “Biscuit” being a particular favourite of mine.

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12 thoughts on “FINDING HUNTER by @MarciaMeara #Mystery #Romance #Bookreview #wwwblogs

    • Thank you, Judith! Such a nice thing to say! Finding Hunter was a very emotional book for me to write, but it just might be my favorite. Hunter Painter is near and dear to my heart. Right up there with Rabbit. 🙂

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  1. I have just finished reading/reviewing Wake-Robin Ridge so I am glad you posted the review for book2 in the series.
    Great review and I am glad to read in it that it’s a standalone story.
    I like Marcia’s style and wish her great sales!

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    • A Boy Named Rabbit is actually Book 2 of the Wake-Robin Ridge series, Carmen, followed by Harbinger. I hope you’ll enjoy all of them when you have time to check them out. And THEN you’ll have to come south to the rivers of central Florida, where my Riverbend series is set. Swamp Ghosts first, as Rosie mentions, and then Finding Hunter, a whole different kind of story.


    • That’s lovely to hear, Mary. So glad you are enjoying the Wake-Robin Ridge series, and I hope you’ll enjoy the Riverbend one, too. Swamp Ghosts is the book that keeps me busy around this area, as lots of books clubs are reading it, due to the familiar setting. I’ve been doing presentations at museums and historic sites, too, and it is SO much fun. Who knew writing that first book would lead to all of this? (Hope you’ll consider leaving some reviews on Amazon?)

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  2. Thank you so much for such a wonderful review of Finding Hunter, Rosie. I’m so glad you enjoyed the book. It IS an emotional one, for sure, and I confess, I was in tears a good part of the time I was writing. Hunter Painter makes me laugh, except when he’s breaking my heart, and telling his story was not always easy. But I wanted to write about a dysfunctional family that got that way through no deliberate abuse of any kind, but rather via simple human failings, lack of communication, and inability to recognize (or admit) what was happening.

    And you are right that the book is not so much Romantic Suspense, though I do think there’s plenty of that, especially when Hunter falls apart. It’s just very difficult to drill down through the layers of Amazon’s category system to find the perfect niche. They only let you go so far, and then you have to ask them for help. It’s on my list to do just that, and I need to step it up. SO much to do, as I move forward with Book 3 in the series, which I’m writing now. Those OTHER Painter boys need a bit of help. (Jackson’s been mad at me for months and months! 😀 Of course, he was mad at everybody toward the end of FH. 😀

    Thanks again for the review, and yep. You’re all caught up now. Guess I better get back to work so you’ll have another Riverbend book to read by the end of the year. (Or thereabouts). Have a great day, Rosie!


    • Thanks so much, Linda! So nice of you! I’m hard at work on the next in this series, and believe me, it starts out with a shocking surprise. 😯 Hopefully, I’ll have it out by year’s end, but I admit, I’m behind at this point. Giving it my best, though.


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