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STARGATE ATLANTIS: The Wild Blue (SGX-05) (Stargate extras: novellas and short stories)STARGATE ATLANTIS: The Wild Blue (SGX-05) by Melissa Scott
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The Wild Blue is a companion novella to the Stargate Atlantis TV series and follows on from more companion books from The Legacy series. Atlantis has made a delicate peace with the Wraith after they helped a faction take down Queen Death who wanted to unite the Wraith and destroy all humans.

This book is about Ronan Dex and his people of Sateda who are rebuilding their world. Looking for more power sources they go inland and consider the feasibility of restoring an old hydro electric power station. Drones are sent over the land in constant search of useful resources and any signs of groups of people who survived the last Wraith cull.

There are concerns that a group of explorers are missing in the hills and pilot Mel Hocken gets the go ahead to use a reconstructed aeroplane to search deeper inland. When her plane goes down, it now becomes a search and rescue job for Ronan in the Wild Blue Mines.

A very good quick read this book also includes the popular characters Dr Zelenka and Major Lorne from the Atlantis gate team.

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  1. I want to read the entire series! In the meantime, I can indulge myself by “watching again” on Netflix. Nothing can take the place of a book, though, and those intimate connections to the characters. Thanks, Rosie.


    • Thanks Linda, I think they really work if you can picture the characters that you love from the series, get a good author and the dialogue and mannerisms really flow.


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