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Today’s team review is from Steve,

Steve has been reading Cast Adrift by Mannah Pierce


A good-paced adventure saga centred around one spaceship crew with plenty of intrigue and a variety of galaxy-sized challenges to overcome, all set against a backdrop of a feudal, family governed universe.

This book was an enjoyable read and, for me, an intriguing introduction into the universe created by Mannah Pierce. I thought, at first, that the set-up of the crew of the spaceship would limit both the depth of characters and my attachment to them. As I progressed through the book, however, and shared in the crew’s adventures I became involved in their relationships and eager to learn more about their back stories.

As the team is pulled together by both events and the will of the characters, the different skills of the team are revealed and put to the test. All the super powers are present, from the inhuman strength of a bodyguard cyborg to the genetically created ultra-intelligence of a very human boy and these are combined with the domestic duties of daily life on board the space ship to keep the story rolling and the reader’s interest.

I am already looking forward to reading the next instalment in this exciting space opera.

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  1. Story sounds great, but the cover isn’t too appealing–even for a book about aliens. Wonderful review! Pinned & shared.


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