ARIEL: THE FIRST GUARDIAN by Sydney Scrogham #Fantasy #Bookreview

Ariel: The First Guardian (Guardians of Agalrae #2)Ariel: The First Guardian by Sydney Scrogham
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Ariel: The First Guardian is book #2 of this fantasy series, it begins 5 years later and opens with Guardians removing signs of human civilisation from Agalraen, a place where human genetic testing had previously taken place.

Ariel has her own Alicorn, a talking horse which resembles a unicorn and she calls Fish. Others have Alicorns too. Her partner is Ryan, but he is about to leave and return to earth. After he leaves a being from the underworld attacks Ariel and Fish infecting them with a dark shadow. Ariel’s chance to save Fish lies in her finding “The Pillar” or forming a mind link with another human.

In Ariel’s human life she was abused and so believes she is unable to completely let go, and forgive the past so that she can move into the future. Hope comes when Ryan returns and they find themselves in Farscape, but the Destroyer has an army of helpers. Perhaps there is one more chance to save Fish? A dance called “The Night” must be learnt and performed spiritually and physically, but will Ariel be able to slay her personal demons before it is too late?

I chose to read this book after I won a copy. I recommend reading book #1 first as I was pretty lost much of the time, not understanding the fantasy world or the creatures within it. The author uses a chatty style of writing often breaking the fourth wall and talking directly to the reader, for me I found the style tending towards “telling” rather than “showing” me the story-line. I found action jumped and characters arrived with little explanation and left me on the outside wanting to know lots more about it all. Always a gamble with a sequel as to know how much scene needs setting again, for me I would have enjoyed more from book #1 to get me settled into the fantasy world.

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