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The prologue sets the scene as the mutilated corpse of a young woman rises and sets off on a dark quest for vengeance. While on a night out with friends, Angela meets Andre and is persuaded to go home with him. Only she isn’t going to Andre’s home. Andre is a junkie who will do anything for his next fix and that includes supplying girls for the worst kind of depravity. Angela is tortured viciously and murdered, what’s left of her wrapped in plastic bags and dumped. Angela finds herself in some sort of limbo, dead yet determined to make those responsible pay.

For all this is very disturbing and chilling (I did struggle a little with the beginning) I still found myself caught up in the narrative. There’s a lot more to the story than torture and bloodshed. When Andre supplies another young woman, Alice, the dynamics have changed and she has a chance, if she can bring herself to take it. It’s a harrowing and tense tale, probably not for those of a squeamish or nervous disposition, and there are adult themes running throughout. The story veers into darkness and more violence as Angela goes on a rampage, wreaking havoc with her murderous payback, while Alice is caught in the middle of an epic supernatural battle with nowhere to run.

I enjoyed the setting and societal glimpses. The characters are depicted extremely well, ranging from very scary through to pitiful, including loathsome and lots in between. Not much, if anything, is held back and I’m glad I read this in the daylight. There’s a great twist in the tale that I didn’t see coming and which makes Angela’s ordeal all the more horrifying. If you like well written, full on horror, with substantial amounts of gore, this is for you.

“A twisted tale of revenge that will haunt your dreams.” – Paul Simpson, Sci-Fi Bulletin

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